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Vain Philosophy

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.

— Colossians 2:8 NIV


There are to many philosophic ideas floating around.  People dont know what to believe anymore.  Because of these flood gates of thought, many are confused and misdirected.  We have people who have finally becone free from alcohol and drugs who still have to have the tag on them because of their past.  That is vain philosophy.  When you have been freed from something that took you away from proper thinking and now you no longer deal with that thought.  People still tell you that you will always be what you were freed from.  It is not worth being made free, if im always a drunk or drug addict, or even one who lived sinfilled with my life.  It goes against the principle’s of Gods delivering Word.  

People do not feel they can reach the mark of a high calling in Christ Jesus.  So, they dont even attempt to.  Yes, we cant earn Grace, but we do need to maintain Salvation.  Salvation is a by-product of Grace.  Because I recieved the Grace of God, I have been given the choice of being saved.  It is still my choice each day, even though Grace has been given only once.  Philosophies come in to think in depth.  I dont want to philosophy myself away from Gods Word.  That is, take on a set of thoughts that are not in the Word of God.  Good intentions and all. I want to have the PATTERN of belief that is designed by God for man to think.  The Bible gives us clear direction on what type of thoughts we must maintain.  Anything that comes against the knowledge of the truth that is the Word of God is vain, empty and useless rhetoric that must not become our mantra, or motto for living.  Every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God shall man live by.  All esle are full of lies and deceit.   The world tells us to love all people.  Well thats what Gods Word tells us to.  But, there is an exclusion that the world subliminally places under neath that LOVE motto.  They are now pushing the agenda of all people matter, even those who are living a lifestyle that the Word of God goes against.  The worlds philosophy is free everything.  Christ motto is, free from sin.  Free from malice and jealousy.  The world tells us not to judge others on what they choose to do with their lives.  God is the same way.  Yet, we are to judge the believers walk in faih.  We are to make sure that we who say we are the SONS of GOD, actually walk accordingly.   Let me say this for those who do not understand the system of judgment. 

To judge is to give sentence to someone for breaking the LAW.

To tell you who say they believe in God, that you should not be drinking or partying to such wild degrees, is NOT JUDGING.  Thats warning the body of Christ of the coming judgement for living a sinfilled life.  In fact, if we donot warn you who might feel judged by those around you.  Then we will be judged along with you.  Because, it would seem that we took pleasure in your doings.  There is the difference.  I am tired of that judgement philosophy kicking around here, making everyone walk on eggshells so as not to offend.  Well I would rather offend man, then to offend the Holy Ghost.  I know that is more than you probably wanted to read. You have a choice, you can stop before you get to the stuff that you dont like.  But, then I would have to ask you.  Do you stop before you read the full scope of Scripture, because you might read some stronger stuff then this little blog.  Have a bless day Saints.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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