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My Rock

The LORD lives! Praise to my Rock!

        May God, the Rock of my salvation, be exalted!

— 2 Samuel 22:47 NLT


Who can be harder than God? I dont know a person in this world that can insight fear easily as God.  All He has to do is speak, and people don’t want to talk to Him, let alone see His face.  Have you ever dealt with a person who just seens angry for no reason.  I see that a lot with people today.  They are hard and callus towards others for nothing.  It seems that no one person can let their gaurd down to let another in, with out some reservation that the other is a fraud.  I know people who assume that everyone is shady and thats why they donot befriend just anybody.  Unfortunately,  that person is somewhat correct in his finding,  because you cant seem trust anyone today. Everyone has an angle when dealing with one another, and that causes rifts among people before they even get at the table to agree.

This verse talks of God being a supprt to you who praise Him.  He can be hard against you at times.  That might be because we do not always live according to His plan for our lives.  Remember,  He knows the plans for your life.  No matter what moms and dads plan for their children.  No matter whether or not you find a career path.  God knows what He planned out for you and I, and it will go according to His will.  That means, if you cooperate with Him, you shall see good thungs coming your way, but if you choose your ow path, then devastation will be before you.

It is not a set up. It is His plan for your life, and if you and I arent apart of the plans of God, then the Lord doesnt have to protect you from the devourer.  The devil can play in your back yard and there is nothing you or I can do to stop him.

God being the rock of my salvation, means He will knock the devil out everytime he tries to come up and attack you.  The pount is, you and I cant be snealing him in the windows and back doors just to have a little fun at the expence of our salvation.  We risk loosing all that we have for a few minutes of lust and desire that our flesh begs for daily.  We have to fight the enemies advances.  Resist the devil and he will flee you.  If flies are arou d your face, when do you lift our hand to swat him away.  After he enters your nose, or before?



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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