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Just For You

Isaiah 38:17  “Lo, for my own welfare I had great bitterness; It is You who has kept my soul from the pit of nothingness, For You have cast all my sins behind Your back.


Your not alone brother and sister.  God has made sure you and I have protection on this side of Glory.  Our welfare is in His hands.  He will not allow you to stumble over the mess that is our lives without Him.  We avoid damnation because the Lord Christ keeps us from the pit daily.  God shows us mercy each day.  You wont fail with Him by your side. Even though you might be quite bitter from many things in life that you recall.  Christ the King will not be satisfied until those of us make it to Glory.  It is all in our corner, how well we live.  He supplies all our needs according to His perfect plan.  You wont loose your place in God, because there are no lines to stand in.  He doesn’t make you wait to have things.  You can ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you.  As long as our lives match up to His plans.  If our lives donot coincide with the plan of God, then we have to wait on the Lord to give us what we desire.  His plans for our lives are first.  We live and move and have our being, because the Lord  our Shepherd has watched over us from day one.  Bitterness and strife is not a part of our character, because we choose to live the way His Word has commanded us.  We are not wishy washy, and double minded.  We are secure in our faith and not easily persuaded to turn against the will of our God and King.  The pits are not the half mark of the game of life, where we go to the showers and refesh our Spirit.  He has saved us from the pit of fire, from eternal death because of sin.  I refuse to keep being trapped by the devil to go against the Lord.  I cant find comfort in the darkness.  When we walk in the dark.  It means that you have to turn off any light because you risk being seen.  Sneaking around is never good.   Lying and cheating the ones you love.  Will cause great pain in the future.  Im not trying to get caught doing something I regret.  So, I do what must be done.  According to the full Word of command from the Father to the Son, and that is now transferred to me by His Spirit.  This is the way we stop the acts of evil.  And the access of terrorism that has taken the Church body so quickly.  I know that some will think im foolish by saying this.  But, I have a witness, who could testify to this very statement.

About 10 years ago.  I set in a chair with about 7 Prophets and Apostles, as we spoke of the coming issues to the Church Body.  My friend and I were asked what did we think of the state of the Church in these last days.

As I set there looking into those mens eyes.

I told them in no certain terms.  Men of God, just as the attack on pearl harbor came as a suprise to those men and women on the shore.  The Church will have to have men and women of God going to and fro setting a blaze of fire among the believing people.  We will have to have a no non sense care about life or death as we send those ministers into this latter day church.  Knowing they might have to sacrifice themselves to blow the minds of wickedness that has taken over and will be the normal in the next decade to come.

My witness is 

Scott Luckett

As we sat among Apostle Mabion and many others in his church on 28th and forest a decade ago.

I say that now saints, because, it seems like it is to late to try.  Yet, God will win in this battle for sure.  If for you He does this!  

Its for us all.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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