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Sabbath for Man

27  Then he told them, “The Sabbath was made for people, not people for the Sabbath

Mk. 2:27


Many assume that the scripture here is the reason why we have changed the day of worship from Sabbath (Saturday) to Sunday.  It is not the reason.  many have chosen Sunday as their worship day because the Lord rose on the day after the Sabbath.  

We must remember that Christ has not come to do away with the Law, but to do away with the consequences that come along with breaking the Law.  That is death.  Through Christ we have been given freedom from persecution.  We have been given life through Him.  The Sabbath was originally made for man, because of his work in the garden.  God wanted you and I to have rest.  6 days do you and I work, and on the 7th we should rest.  The rest to the Lord is a Holy Day approved of God.  Each week we have a Holy Day of rest, that is why we are to keep the Sabbath Holy.   God has not done away with the Commandments as if they are useless.  He hasnt said to stop killing or to go ahead with stealing, those are commands that we must adhere to as well, along with all the commands.

The Commandments are still in action, just as the entire Word of the Lord from Old to New.  We base our lives off the Word of the Lord, whether it is good or bad.  That is, whether or not we agree with it or not.

This blog is not to convence others to join the few in celebrating the Sabbath.  This blog today is to remind you of the blessing that the Sabbath gives us.  The blessing of sweet rest in knowing that the Lord has favored your work.  It means that you have done good all this week, and everything that you have done has turned out good, ad prosperous.  

He gives you and I rest, because we trust Him.  We live our lives based upon the Lord of the Sabbath and the Lord of the Harvest.  Christ is both to the people of God.  He is the Lord, the owner of all that we have been given.

Thank God for what He has supplied unto us all.  His love for us goes beyond the normal, it is not just for a few, but for those who are His sons and daughters, for all who have chosen Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives.  If you find yourself in total frustration because of lives trials and temptations, it might be because you have left the orignal plan of God, for the world view.

Return to the Lord of the Harvest, turn back to what the Word of the Lord has commanded.  Let Him restore your Sabbath Rest as a Holy Day before the Lord.  Find rest in Christ.  Honor this day above all else.  Follow the standards and commands of Gods Word.  Stop allowing for excuses and the convencing of men that has caused so much change in the Church and the Body of Christ.

See the truth….Saint…  The Sabbath is for men, not man for the Sabbath.

It was ordered to give you “REST”.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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