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Fast and Steady

Isaiah 26:3  “The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You


Because your stable minded and your trust is in God.  He favors you.  Be quick to respond to the mercy of God.  Dont let a minute laps and you be greatful of His prospects in you.  It shows your trust in God.  When the temoest is raging, you are shouting His name in total praise of what you know He can do for you.  My question is; has He let you down before?  If at all, you may have felt as if God let you down, I would have to question your loyalty to His process.  God has made those who are your sworn enemies to be at peace with us.  They cant attack you anymore. It is about your connection to the Spirit.  The Lord will keep those whose minds are stayed upon the Lord.  You can be at peace and know that Christ is your support system. He sustains you when all else are falling in pits of life.  Dont pass out because you see the red sea as impassible. Yet, God has a plan once you reach the shores edge.  Things are only revealed at the moment you get there, and sometimes we avoid going to the edge of our situation and still wait on Him because of fear of being surrounded by our enemies.  He wont allow your death at the hand of those who threaten you.  Stay the course son/daughter.  Make sure your standards are set at high, and not below what God looks for in His children.  Press towards the greatness that is Jesus.  Dont settle for the foolishness that is the enemy. God is the author of truth and life.  The enemy wants us to fold in and cower under the pressure that he is tossing our way daily.  Job had to look inside to make sure that he wasnt the problem.  Thats why he kept talking negative about men in general.  He never coursed God, but he did question all of the men around him including himself.  God wont let you put yourself in the gutter, when He knows you are on the right path.  Those who are guilty goes so far to commit harm upon themselves.  That is not Gods way of loving you.  He wont allow you to turn on yourself and cause your own harm.  This is your wake up call.  Stand on Gods shore and watch the red sea part for you and not your enemy. 



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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