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God Cares


1 Peter 5:7  Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.


If He didnt care, we would not be here any longer.  In a world where things are unsettled and everyone is at each others throat for the slightest issue.  We look forqard to those people who take care of you.  We should always be the type of people that ithers could count on in uncertain times.  People do not have many they could count on to be consistent in their lives, so once they find that person, they tend to be clingy.   So, now why do we not have this type of clingy nature towards God, who has been the one showing compassion through the Holy Ghost?  We treat God like a man, as if He is to busy to be concerned with our issues in life.  This is not the issue.   God came from Heaven down to save the world, and all He asks, is that we trust Him.  Many people want God to be like a best friend , who over looks our faults and lets us go on and be the way we are, but the Lord is not like that, He has expectation for those who are connected with Him in Spirit.  In order for the Lord to be involved in our day to day business, we have to walk according to His specifications.   God does not mix things with the world, He cannot associate with sin, and niether can Christ.  So, while many assume that Christ sit with theives and prostitutes and those who are shady business men.  He did not.  Those people who used to be that way, had changed because of Him.  Whom the Son sets free, Is Free Indeed.  Christ cares enough to set you free, not keep you bound.  It is the concept of the enemy, who keeps reminding you that you are A SINNER, when HE set you free from sin.

I can not take it when people weaken their testimony with once a sinner always a sinner.  Once a prostitute always a prostitute.  It is the same as an alcoholics.   But, then why claim sobriety and still have the condition hanging over your head?  Jesus does not call you what men do.  He doesnt keep your oast discretions looming over your future.  He cleans your slate and tells you that you are free from it.  That is someone who cares about you.  It is like a spouse who says they forgice infidelity, but everyday bring up what you did for the next 25 years of your life.  I tell you that person has stopped caring about you and have started a process of negative emotions that begin to severe the relationship.  People who care for you, take care of you, they dont put on you more problems.  If a man doesnt work, the bible says he cant eat.  I mean to tell yiu ladies who allow a king to sit on a throne and not earn his keep.  That bad king is on you.  Stop making that plate and put before him the command of the Lord that tells him to get into the field and work.

Care means to look to your needs and meet them with resources you have that the other are missing.   Tell me God doesnt meet your needs?



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

One thought on “God Cares

  1. Amen. Thank you for that word it is so inspiring and just makes me want to have a full filled relationship with my God i know he is always there and i thank my father for the forgive and forget i only hope that people can be like God and start fully taking care of the ones they say they love. My husband always says love is just a word unless you put action behind it. I thank God for his continual action he showers his children with.


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