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They Dont Know Who You Are.

Genesis 42:8  And Joseph knew his brethren, but they knew not him


It is hard to deal with sibling rivalry.  In Joseph’s case we who read the story, are in full support of Joseph, but when we are dealing with the same type of situation in our lives.  It is different.  The bible tells us that Joseph was beloved of the his father.  That Jacob pretty much gave him what ever he wanted and more.  To the other sons, it looks like they are not even in the equation when it comes to Joseph.  Yet, we must recall that this story is a Jesus Line edition.  In other words, Christs life line is in the working of how the story of oir Messiah will come to us later down the generations.  No one see this as important when ot is a story that reflects what they have to go through. How many of you who jave a younger sister or brother, that seems to get the attention of your parents and plaves you on back burner  as if you never existed.  I suppose we could all recall a time when we had the attention on us, but now it is shifted to your other sibling.  Those who deal with family who never seem to see that they are a mess, while you and your family have to pull the slack.  Some older sibling are left taking care of mom and dad in their Golden years of life.  It truly is unfair to be honest.  Yet, if there was a person to blame for how Joseph turned out in the eyes of his brothers.  It would be Jacob.  Because, he gave him special treatment.  Many people would come to me and say stuff about how I was favored by my Grandmother, mostly my older cousins (brothers). I may have heard it once from some of my aunts and uncles, but I never saw it or heard it directly from my Grandmother.  There was no coat of many colors or anything else I could say made me feel different then those who grew up with me.  I remember celebrating with my older brothers and we all went to a club after the wedding.  When we saw my Grandmother the next day. The fellas snitched on me and yold her her favorite Grandson was dancing nd drinking.  It was funny, but I felt guilty even though it was a celebration.  Jacob puts Joseph in a terrible place, because he loved Joseph mother to the point he cherished finally having a child with the woman he worked hard to marry.  There are times that children remind mothers of the relationship that didnt go well.  Some children are so rejected that, they have to leave home early because of the relationship they do not have with their parents.  Others are justhard headed and want to take control of their lives without authority’s. 

I could drag this story out and hit many points of view.  The point is, God is not like men.  He doesnt pick favorites, to the point if even allowing His only begotten son who was rejected and treated bad by those who should have kept him safe, yet, He had to bruise Him to save us.  Even though the Kingdom was given to the Son of God.  Jesus like Joseph was put in jail and beaten and cursed out, but favored.  Christ favor has been transferred to us.  We are forgiven and the coat of His Glory is placed upon our shoulders.  The Father loves the Son, and in that love comes forgiveness and favor.  When you fi d yourself dealing with jealous siblings, even if they are not blood brothers and sisters.  Look for your opportunity to serve God by feeding them when they starve and are without a place to go.  It wasnt that Jacobs land was bad. It was a time of famine that made the brothers have to do business with the neighboring country whuch happened to be the place Joseph had power and control.   They dont know who you are and what it will mean when you have to be the one to supply what they may need. It is not to gloat, or use power against your family.  It was designed to show the brethren that the Lord has mercy on whom He chooses.  Ok.  Thats is my stopping place.  Be encouraged and get prepared because famine has already come, and many of our brothers and sisters will have to look to you for strength and hope when they are starving. 



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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