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Animal Control

No Matter How Cute, They Cut with teeth.

The LORD your God will force those nations to leave your country little by little. You will not destroy them all at once. If you did, the wild animals would grow to be too many for you.

— Deuteronomy 7:22 ERV


Just know this family.  The enemy has problems with the same wild animal, you do.  In othe words, dont worry about it. The Lord has things balanced out for a reason.  People who do not like you, also have to work and earn a living and struggle to get by.  In some cases, your so called enemy, is having a worse time at getting through life.  The animal in this Scripture can take on two concepts.  It can be a literal animal, or represent human kind out of control.  So, look at it in te since of human kind.  Men have lost their minds and have taken a wild mans approach at living.  They battle for scraps, as if they are starving and have no means of getting fed.  When in fact they are in a starvation mode.  They are starving themsevles.  By rejecting the nutrition that cones through properly digesting the Word of Truth.   They have gone wild and crazy.  Living life at a staedy  impulsive speed bypassing all warning signs that the Lord has placed along the road.  The world loves the fast lane. They will do whatever it takes to get nowhere fast and furiously.  Wild animals actually have nothing on a wild person out of control.  Crazy people these days have no restraints. You can blame it on guns and gangs and even on drugs and alcohol.  But, these items are all inanimate.  They cannot move theselves. It takes a human to pick them up and abuse the proper usage of these items that cause our society to faulter under such perverseness.  So, here the Lord speaks to Israel.  He informs them that their enemy will soon be evacuated frim their lands, but not over night.  It will take time, because they will need help getting rid of the wild animals in their kingdom.  We cant get rid of our enemies that quick.  Other wise then we are left being overtaken by wild thoughts and animalistic acts.  We must bare ourselves a little while.  The Lord will remove those who trouble you soon, but you may have to endure for a while without fainting under pressure.  Those who hate you still have to make life work for themselves.  Remember this family.  The wealth of the wicked, are laid up for the just.  The end result is that you and I remain the Just.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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