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Get It Straight.

Psalm 107:7  He led them also by a straight way, To go to an inhabited city


God has brought you the right way, the straight way. It is not His fault when we get lost on the road.   When we dont ask for directions we not only put ourselves at risk, we put others who are with us in jeopardy.  We must stop and get our bearings, the latitude and longitudes of where we are.  Check to see if we have been on the straight road.  We have been journeying so long, that we forget where we turned and how we got off track.  I cannot stand being lost.  That is the reason I learned how to use a map book and find my way, so that I am never lost.  I. Fact, I purposely do not take lead on trips out of town, because I refuse to make the wrong turn and someone is following me.  That is also the reason why I do not live my life in a way that mixes people up.  I dont drink and get high on drugs, because I do not believe it is the right look for us as a people that we walk around intoxicated or hallucinating from a drug  that removes my ability to react when I should in case of an emergency.  Dont mistake my intentions here, it is a persons choice whether or not they live a life that is pleasing to God 100% of the time or 50%. I am not better than another because I donot indulge.  It is my personal agenda to be clean and sober when the Lord comes for me.  A straight road, means we have stopped trying to find the easy way out.  We purpose our way in the direction of truth and righteousness.  Not all believers are this way.  But, the Word says that few be that find this road.  Others do not see anything wrong with what they do.  They are Ok with being themself and mixing their life up between the enemy and the 👼 Angeles.  I can not see it.  I have watched my loved ones live their lives this way, and I hated what I saw, not the people.  The act of walking and talking straight, but all along there is crookedness inside.  That is no better than a pharisee or a scribe in the eyes of the Lord.  When your rigjteousness exceeds the pharisee and the scribe is what the Word said.   Get straight and stay straight.

Why does the Word tell us to walk Holy, to be perfect or even to be Spiritual minded?  It is so that we donot fulfill the LUST of the flesh.  It is that lust that keeps us crooked.  That lust that makes sure we always remain in the wrong.  The enemy is our accuser.  We should not help him point fingers at ourself.  The girls this Sabbath day, were singing after church the song by the Williams Brothers.  I got to Clean Up, what I messed up.  Starting my life over again.  Many donot see a problem with living out their lives having fun in the clubs and going to church after.  Some wear the same outfit from their partying and drinking the night prior.  Im not pointing out anyones fault.  Im not throwing judgement. I am stating a fact.  Straight roads lead to somewhere, but a crooked road has pitfalls all around it.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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