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What Hurts Most?

God made all sorts of wild animals, livestock, and small animals, each able to produce offspring of the same kind. And God saw that it was good.

— Genesis 1:25 NLT


I know this subject might reach sone of you different than another, but I must say to those you who feel unproductive in your life.  God has not forgotten you..  As a father of so many children, I can not understand or even know what it might mean to not have my children.  Even after 2 losses.  However, I do know what it feels like to loose a child, even though it was not under the format of violence or long term illness, I still have a heaviness there for those children I could not protect or see grow up and become sonething great.  When God created man, He put him here to replenish the earth.  In fact God created a Gardner to keep the garden the Lord gave man.  We have been given the seed of reproduction, and we assume that no matter what, we could produce after our kind, that is human kind not ethnicity.  I see my children who have been given children and I think that at any point something terrible will cone about,. Even though I am not wanting something to happen, I have had a habit of things not going so well over the years in my life.  My own failures have taight me to expect disaster and not the good God designed for men who follow the Lord specific plan of action.  I think because we have made so many mistakes in our lives that we start to think we deserve what has come upon us as punishment.  Let me tell you, ne encouraged my brother and sister, because not having children truly is not a curse once you start to see how they turn out. Lol.  The responsibility of raising up a child is different than growing a fichus.  Plants have a beauty built in, but children have to develop beauty from with in.  Not many grow up beaing beautiful from the inside, they have been taught to impress from the dress.  You cant raise a crop by just showong the finished work only from pictures of a fully grown crop.  You have to raise it through the hard and good time.  You cant select what you will through scientific splicing seeds to create the perfect child.  They have taken on that notion in our farming methods, but in the process they removed the good seed and replaced with computation.  I dont want to make you feel bad or anything, I m trying to be encouraging right now.  The seed is in delay, because of the field that need reforming.  Drastic changes must take place to produce the great and good seed that God has set in your path.  Mean while, look ibto adootion, gaurdianship, and etc.  I know you mothers who feel cheated, would love to give fron your heart the love that is trapped inside waiting to be invested into a child you raise.  Until He releases the garden to produce seed.  It may not just be you, it might be him (Adam, or any other man) who God wants to work on deeper.  It is unfortunate to have to be attached to the brother or sister that Good is working on n depth.

Dont take all the blame because you carry the seed.  It may very well be that the man/woman must come humbly back to the Lord and ask forgivenes for all tje stuff he/she has done to himself an not leave it to Eve to make up the difference.  Eve was not supposed to pick the fruit, she was supposed to wate for it to drop from thw tree. When we leave the ladies to do labor, and we do not take our part of the responsibility of being ready to recieve what God has made available, we risk cursing ourselves (not because a woman bring about a curse).  God said that the seed baring perpetually is good.  Because God has produced it and there is no malfunctiins in its system.  God made you, and there is no malfunction in your ability to produce.  It is time to lean and deoend on God to make it happen in His timing.  Dont keep punishing yourself for the past.   The past is done and the New season has begun.  Expect your seed to grow, and expect it to be good.

The malfunctioning seed is in us because we allowed anoth to be involved in our day to day communion with the Lord.  Once we let the enemy speak to us, when he is not allowed, it tirns our destiny in to a long journey, that we end up complaining over because we fell to the trick of a low down dirty snake.  We could have just ignored him.  After all, there plenty of people we avoid, because of their position and status in life.  No one allows a hobo to talk to them about establishing a future, so why speak to a snake that is beneath you?



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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