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Breaking New Ground

To all of you.  Again, Happy New Year.  Even though we celebrated a new season in Judeo-Christian Messianic New Years.  We still carry the theme into our western culture celebration.  


Breaking New Ground”

Hos. 10:11-12 

As we try to bring to the community what the Lord gives me from the heart.  I want you to know that, I seek His Spirit as I delve into many subjects with you, with the intent on speaking in depth and with 3 categories always in mind.

Enlighten, Encourage and Empower, in that order.  I donot claim to be the best at writing or even articulating my thoughts well.  Some of you have had to read between the lines at times, because of misspelled and grammatical error on my part.  I hope that as this year transpires that I will find a niche and groove that I can get into that will give me help in sending out the best to you.  I appreciate those of you, who share what the Lord has given me.  I know that my views are more harder and direct.  I dont always mean to hear a stern Word of the Lord.  Yet, I do have the gift of knowledge and wisdom with interpreting dreams as a part of my service to the Lord and King.  So, when I do have to give it out, I must be the first partaker of the heaviest of what the Spirit has to say, then I am allowed to shaee it with others.

In this new season, we break up fallow ground that have not been used or even prepared for seeding.  Those of us who have sat on the prospects of using our gift and calling accordong to God specific plan.  What the master told one of the stewards he gave talent to.  You should have at least put it to usury,  that it could at least collect interest down the line.  God doesnt want us just sitting around waiting on the sky to part, and not be found doing when the Lord returns.  We all have apart in building this end time Temple to the Lord.  We cannot slack off because we have times of dry spells.  When it is a dry spell, we should be in proper study.  Breaking down (Bible class in your home) what we donot understand and making sure those who are with us can gleen from the truth exposed.  In this season, I have been given a mandate to update the ministry I serve and those I come in contact.  Like a computer that needs to be constantly aware of the latest changes to the programs protocols, it needs to be updated on the latest drivers that keep the mechanics in motions.  The Church Body needs to be updated on the latest news in Spirit, so that we are ready for the constant barrage of changes that try to come in and wreck the faith (the Church doesnt need updating, nor the message of Christ).  It is ok to have tablets and cellphones with KJV, and etc.  But, we have all went to far, when everyone has to post the services live from their own seat.  I know that TV and Cable is expensive for our Churches and we use the social streaming methods to share the Gospel with the community.  I just question whether it is all necessary.  Because, we sometimes get caught responding to various posts while in service.  God doesnt want us caught up with the latest social news, when we need to be caught up and ready to meet Him in the air.  We are too attached. 

So look into the Hos. 10:12 and search out the references in Scripture.  Let us see what the Lord requirea of us in this season of our reality shows.  I pray that you find the right place of worship that empowers you.  That stretches your intellect and gives you the right reason for going to the house of refuge.  It is not about various programs. It is simply about the Word of the Lord.  The Spirit of God. The people who need saving.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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