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Put It To Death

Romans 8:13  for if you are living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live.

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Understand something here brothers and sisters.  The Lord has not required of us more than He has sacrificed.  It is simple, if we are to walk with the Lord in Spirit, then why cant He require of His subjects commitment?  The problem we are having in our relationship with the Lord, is our issues with sinning.  For some reason we seem to think its a part of the process.  To be a sinner, we are saved.  It is not true.  We must be without sin to be saved.  You cannot continue lying and walk in truth.  Some people think it is about God taking sin from them.  They say ‘If God wants to, He can take this drug from me’, and they continue on waiting for the Lord to take something that they like to do.  He will not take from us what we like to have and desire in our lives.  He will however, warn you and I of our pending chastisment.  There is a Scripture that says, the ways of a man seems right, but the end there of is sudden destruction.  What we need to do is work on perfecting the faith we claim.  Stop the life of sin and reconnect through Christ with our Father and creator.   A change should have taken place for those who have experienced the Holy Ghost.  If you and I are walking in false confessions,  then we can understand why there has never been conversion.  A confession of sin, and. Renouncing of any further acts resembling sin, means you have acepted the Lord in your life, and desire to please Him with what is left of your existence.  We go to church to remain connected with the Lord. 

 I often say why would He be put to death for sin, and we continue in ours, if the requirements have not been set for us to follow?  It is important to reject the whispers of the enemy.  The devil keeps pushing you and I further into the dark so we cant see clear.  God sent Jesus with the light that shines all over, so we donot have to walk alone or be afraid.   He only saves ones saints. He didnt mess up in doing His perfect will.  It doesnt take several do overs to get it right.  He did it once and thats it.  Why people want Him to save daily, is a terrible thing.  If we say we love the Lord, then we should walk with righteousness and not against Him.  Turn from wicked ways and acknowledge the Lord in our lives, and He will direct our lives so that we are productive and have fruit upon our tree.  

Last thought. Bear fruit in the name of the Lord.  If you are living life your way, and not fulfilling your part of the Cross life, then you place yourself on the losing end. If I were you or anyone else, i’d give in.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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