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Behold The Lamb

Isaiah 7:14  Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.


Lets look into Immanuel.  God with us as our subject today.  Many do not recognize Christ any other season but in the Christ-mas.  Even though it is a holiday that many do not give to God as in a form of worship of the Son.  Many do celebrate it as a time of gift giving and family love displayed.

How ever you celebrate it, just remember that the Lord is the Lamb of God given to man by such a miraculous marvel.  People tend to see the story as a fantasy for Christians to one up the other religions, but we see the second Adam come to life in this story to correct histories greatest mistake.

Immamuel (or, Emmanuel) means God with us.  The point being made in this Holy Day season, is that the Lord is here in us all and with us all. God gave us the ultimate gift that would save the world.  The Pharoah wanted to kill the New Born child of the virgin.  So he had many children murdered under the ages of 2 years old. That age frame was becuase, he didnt hear the story until later on by his own magicians sooth sayers.  So, he could only go with what they told him of a King of the Jews, who would come and basically put him out of business.

Yes, I do know that my synopses of the accounts might seem a bit dull.  But, the accounts of our Saviors birth must have a strong message involved.  This message is, God planned to save the world through direct involvement. He came down into flesh, in the form of His own creation.  What God gave, no one else in history could place Himself into the form of His own temporary and limited shell?  The Creator.  He has shown us more than what we can gather through many of the stories through out our history as Judeo-Christian believers.  We are like Him, if He can take on our shape and walk as a man in this flesh, then we must be fashioned like the Lord.  He would not go through the trouble of saving something He may have thought was a waste of time in the first place.

Mary did you know?

Christ the Immanuel would save the world from sin and shame. This little child that was born to the world.  Wrapped in swallowed (tightly fitted like His burial clothes) materials, visiting the family in Bethlehem, but found no extra room where He could be laid to rest.  In those days there were no hotels saints, there were rooms that sat up top of the square built houses of those days.  That visiting relatives could use when coming in town for Holy Days and the season for calculations of the taxes. (of which was the purpose of Joseph and Mary’s visit).

Immanuel lives in us all.  He is the purpose we have been given the Baby Christ, the Anointed one of Israel.  It is said that many things Mary pondered in her heart.  I just think that she was remembering what the Lord told her through the Angels visit about what His plans were in regards to Yeshua – Jesus her earthly son, but God’s only begotten Son.  She had the opportunity to feel the power of the Holy One living in her womb and leeping inside for joy when the baby would meet certain people marked for Spiritual destiny.  She also got a chance to be there to see His miracles and I believe she experienced Him in the upper room through the Spirits indwelling, because she was familiar with the touch of the Holy one some 34 years prior to all of this happening, after all she was only 15 or 16.  Oh to know Emmanuel in this season of your.  If you do not know Him.  I suggest you get to know Him now.  He is already waiting to greet you in your heart.  Just open the door as wide as you can.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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