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When He Appeared.

Titus 3:4  But when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared


Where were you when the Lord came into your life?  What were you doing? Look back briefly and recall why you are now as dedicated to the faith you claim.  He touched your heart where everyone else just barely reached your emotion to care what they felt. God sent His Son to reach where others couldnt go, because you blocked them from harming you.  Once you block your heart from pain and shame, you almost missed being truly delivered.  That is what the issue is today with so many we know.  They have been hurt by love and left to fend for themselves by loved ones, so they developed a mentality of blocking what appeared to care for them.  Yes, even from relatives who grew up with them and showed them the care and love that only they could give for such insubordinate minds.

Mothers who covered their sons and daughter as far as they could even to the detriments of pain that they caused.  Do you not think parents can develop blockage from their own children for what a child has done over and over again.  Love is there, it is barried under the ruble of many failed attempt at reching the so called lost one.  I remember one time comi g up to my Grannies door.  I would hear her tell the Lord save my children please, and she would cry deeply.  I didnt disturb her, I just backed away acknowledging her hurt and pain for so many she had hope for.  I can only pray that she was heard and healed from the pain. As I carry the responsibility of leading a group of 14 into their future, I also have hope and I pray they stay in God, not just know about Him, but live in Him and have Him deep within ther hearts.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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