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His Love And Kindness.

Jeremiah 31:3  The LORD appeared to him from afar, saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.


God pulled us from a distance.  When we were a distance away.  Like a beacon on the deep sea, He drew us near to safety.  It is not good being lost or blind. Not being able to see because of the darkness.  The Lord saves the lost through His love and kindness.  It is because we are so loved that the Savior died for us all, without reservations. He didnt have a select groups He chose to save.  We all are drawn from a distance by the saving Grace and mighty everlasting love of our Father and Savior.  There is something worth it hiding in all of us.  We cant see what we are not able to look at from our position.  You have to be a far off and see what value lies within sonething that shines unaware.  Precious jems shining in the gutters of life, only Christ can polish and save and reform making something of worth that was discarded by foolishness of heart.  God loves you from so far away, but He has moved into your life now to affect great change.  He has awarded us with good favor, if we see the worth from His perspective.  Shame and sin cause us to deny our worth in God.  We cant be who we are in the gutter.  We cant shine with mockery of filth coverong the true nature of whom He has designed us to be.  It does not yet seem clear to us, but we are truly like Him.  We can creste fascinating ideas that mattr to the well being of those who use our product.  We can help someone who may be ill with cancer with the knowledge God gives us.  If we look the way of righteousness.  If we have ears that hear what saith the Lord in His Spirit that resides in us all.  His Spirit in us is a direct line.  You and I cant reach Him without this connection. You cannot call out with Data. So, it is with the Presence of the Spirit.  We cannot call upon the name of the Lord without Him making us ready to communicate with our Father who art in Heaven. 

He calls us out of darkness into the marvelous light.  He places a beacon of hope with us, so we can witness to the light we retain.  Others need saving too.  Lets be a witness to the world about Christ Jesus.  The Father does not use temporary love, He responds to Agape, Phileo, that is His way if opening commincations. You might say; why did I leave out Eros.  There is an intimacy with the presence many donot understand that God will commune with His creation on an erotic or sensual stage that is not about flesh being given something temporary.  So, I speak on what I am able to share quickly.

God drew Moses to that burning bush.  He had to be fscinated by a bushel that never completely disintegrate in the oresence of the Holy Spirit in the place if consuming fire, but not a destructive consuming fire.  Sone consumption is good for business, when some is devastating.

He will not destroy those who have surrendered their lives to His Kingdom.  Throw down your control and let the Lord of Kings be your God.  Jehovah the I am, self sufficient one.  He will not destroy the surrendered ones, the ones whose hearts have changed and moved away from filthines of sin.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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