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Without Fear.

Also pray for me–that when I speak, God will give me words so that I can tell the secret truth about the Good News without fear. I have the work of speaking for that Good News, and that is what I am doing now, here in prison. Pray that when I tell people the Good News, I will speak without fear as I should.

— Ephesians 6:19-20 ERV


You can not be angry because the Word is preached with out fear.  God wants His leaders to be bold in proclaiming this truth, these mysteries that He is sharing with the world through His messengers.  Christ speaks to us thtough the Holy Spirit.   He is sharing the deep things of God to those who are yielding vessels.  Those who are trained to speak according to the Spirit and not according to the format of men.  You can attend great colleges and universities to be taught the Word,  but you need the Spirit of God to go where only He can go.  We need the Spirit to speak to us on a level that is beyond just normal flesh understanding. He can upgrade our thinking and cause us to reach beyond our limitations.  If we try to do this work without the Spirit in us and showing us what to do and how, we risk ruining others lives.  The Apostle has the job of sharing this dynamic message from the Lord with all who desire Christ in their lives.  It doesnt matter that he currently is imprisoned because of the Gospel, he doesnt want the saints to think he is afraid because of what he has to deal with, he wants to make sure they know that he will still preach this message of Christ in or out of prison.

The mysteries we speak are shared with us who regularly teach and preach the good news of the Gospel, so that we do not bore the people around us, but bring excitement to them about the Word of God.  We dont have to bring entertainment to the Church, if the mysteries are shared, that come from the Word of God through constant study.  People wil be excited on just the Word alone.  The Apostle found the Lord on a toad to devastating circumstance.  He even carried that hurt through out his ministry.  Especially when he would have an opportunity to delve deeper into the secret place of the most High God.  If you and I were persecuting innocent people and then find out they are not the ones that you should be correcting with such heavy force.  How wiuld you habdle the memory of those lost souls?  You cant just move on in your life as if you didnt do anything so heinous.   God calls you to the depth, and He places those deep things in your mind that He wants you to give to those ready minds willing to receive. 

Dont be afraid to carry the responsibility of such greatness.  It is the Lords Word that will bring you joy to spread to the world. 



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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