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Mind Blowing Wind

The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.”

— John 3:8 NLT


It is bad when we cannot tell who is of the Spirit or not.  Not that the person we are trying to determine is doing something wrong,  but because we arent in the Spirit ourselves.  The Word tells us that we cannot explain how people are born of the Spirit.  There is no one method to salvation, just one Savior.  Christ can enter at the pivotal point of a mans life when he thinks he is done for.  The issue here is that, we need to know something about those who serve in the faith with us.  It is determined by the love we display towards each other.  You can tell if I am of the Spirit, but trying to determine the method of my Spiritual birth to see if it is done according to some experience of yours, is not important.  Many of us have our own experience with the Holy Ghost and at a time that is set in the plan of God.  The Disciples were told to go to the upper room to wait on the Holy Ghost to come amd endow with power.

My experience with the Holy Ghost happened in 2 stages.  When I was 16 years old during a one man concert my Grandmother had me do.  Then when I was 21 years of age on the bus in Riverside California.  So many times we try to induce the Spirit to empower people during their time of joining church or when the Spirit is highest during a service.  Pushing people down and chanting in their ears during their experience does not give them the Holy Ghost.  He comes to us when He is ready.  Actually, He already lives within us all, because the Holy Spirit is Pnuema, that is, breath, life, and Spirit.  May people come to this place in their lives when they are in the right mind and their course is set towards God.  Like Apostle Paul, who did not walk with Christ, but still met Him on the road to Damascus, when Paul was about to successfully jail and or put to death more followers of the Lord.  Your road to change happened when you were finally in the mind set that God could get in and show you His power and might.  We dont know what the man of God was thinking when he was on his travels.  God knows what was going on in the mind and God knew the proper ingredient to get to the heart of a truely faithful person.  

I need to close this subject. 

I dont mean to ramble on. It is just that, I saw this happening on many occasions to people who didnt know what they were experiencing in the process of a good service, and they are then forced it seems to have a meaningful and powerful thing happen, but, once it is over they get up tired from the yelling and just as confused about their faith in Christ.  In the Upper Room with the Disciples, including the women.  The experience was electrifying, and highly anticipated by all who entered in.  If we all are not entering in, then only those who are in the place God wants them and the time He chooses, will be endowed with power.  Then it says in Acts 2, the Spirit came upon them like cloven tongues of fire and set upon all of them that they had an experience individually coporate.  Like only God can do in one setting.  Change the lives of ordinary people.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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