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Loathe Leaving Egypt

“And the people spoke against God and against Moses, “Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no food and no water, and we loathe this worthless food.”

— Numbers 21:5 ESV


Who gets frustrated and upset because they have been delivered from slavery!  Oh, thats right the Israelites.  I might venture to say that most african americans have that syndrom too.  Being angry because we cried to the heavens for help and help comes.  Today it seems as if the people of God no longer want to be free from the worlds slavery.  They long to be like those of this world. Dress, and present themselves in a manner not becoming of Holiness.  There are no precedence for true faith in the outward lives of those who claim they believe.  Christ is not first and head of all of our lives.  He has taken a back seat only to be summoned for important duties that we know cannot be solved by men.  The Israelites complained because they grew accutomed to the slave masters and found a places under the foot of task masters who degraded them and praised them.  It is a demonstrative life to live under the hardship of task masters who outwardly hate you and want to control you by ownership.  This world wants the same service that we give for pennies on the dollar.  They deny wages to the hardest workers and give raises to those who do very little.  Sure we get some placement in the supervisory roles and maybe a few presidential slots are slated for minorities, but not many.

Dont even stand out as a true bkue blood bought believer in Jesus Christ.  They will do whatever it takes to deny and embarrass you to the end.  This world is not your friend.  They want you dead.  I must tell you that as often as I am given the opportunity.   When we deny Christ before men, we give them the green light to act as though He doesnt mean a thing to any of us.

I remember recently going to a particular place that had the name of the Holy Ghost in it business title, and I could nt for the life of me say the name of the place because I felt as if I were cursing the Holy Spirit.  Yet, some one told me I was being silly and just blurted out the name as easy as saying any other company name.  To this day, I have had to chatergorize Christians in certain groups because of what they are willing to allow, that I know is a damnation in Scripture.  When will we stop allowing the Church to fold to state, and Christians back down from what is our true faith?  The people loathed the provisions God had supplied, and they were willing to stand up against the man of God and the Priest and say so.  But, when they were under tasks masters with whips and torture methods, they were humbled.  I dont get that.  The man/woman of God is doing what thus saith the Lord and gets all the flack and talk back.  But, the boss talks bad to us all week and we just take it with no problems.  It hurts us deep and we end up loosing on the back end, sort of like Moses who did wrong in the eyes of the Lord.  Yet, I could almost understand his situation.  The problem with it was the fact that He hit the rock, which to me meant hitting the Christ, but it was also that He was told to do the miracle according to Gods order and not His own.  There is no reason to resist the Lords favor. For God to supply our needs according to His splendid riches, is first and for most a treat within its self.  So, we shoudnt take it lightly, or disregard the affair as if it is an empty gesture from a known enemy.  He supplied their food for the journey because they had no where to bake their bread.  He made sure their shoes and clothes didnt ware out on the trip.  Because, they didnt have the time to stop and make new threads. 

God has thought out every detail concerning us. He is just asking for sincerity when we deal with Him.  Respect the food, and sho-nuff respect  the place He found for you to dwell in.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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