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The Flame You Know

LORD, you provide the flame for my lamp.  You, God, turn the darkness around me into light.
Psalm 18:28 ERV

My light is lit by the Lord God through my connection to His Spirit.  The thing that I need to remember is not to allow others to extinguish that powerful flame.  It is already hard enough for us to learn to connect ourselves to God.  We do not need the added issues of others rubbing their hurt and pain on us.  God lights the sky daily for us after He has secured our night under the lesser light of the moon.  The question is, where do we place our trust? If we are looking for others to get us going for the day outside of God then when have we ever had the experience with Him?   It is time to stop walking in and out of darkness as if it is normal.  Believers should not have a place in the corners of darkness.  Let’s be reminded that darkness is sin.  There are no if, and or buts about it.  When the Word of God talks about darkness there two instances the Scriptures are referring to.  Sin and actual darkness (when the lights are out).  Sin is done undercover.  No one stands right in the front and allows all to see what he/she is currently doing in sin, it’s done behind closed doors.  Yet it is evident what we do when we speak and communicate with others around us.  We must look at the company we keep.  The people who are always around us should be a clear indication of what we prefer.  The old saying “birds of a feather flock together”.  Who do we let in our inner circle?  We would never out right say we like the bad crowd, you know, the crowds full of mockery or where mean girls/jocks sit.  We always wanted to be in the ‘in’ crowd and detested being picked on by bullies but there was nothing that we could do but either change our outlook or suffer.  I remember moving up to the “in” crowd, because of my cousins, who were in their last years of High school.  They showed me how to put creases in my pants and shirts, how to walk with confidence in the hall ways and even tried to fix my “weak” character.  You know the type, those who say “hi” to you but don’t know who you are. That was me.  Even my girlfriend (who is now my wife) hated that flaw about me.  When you’re in the right of light you don’t have to do anything special to get the people’s attention, if that is what you were going for.  God attracts those He calls with His flame.  The flame of His majesty.  That Glory Moses got to glimpse upon in the cleft of the rock.  God draws us with a flicker of His flame because of our interest in marvelous things, we have to come over and investigate.  So we seek that flame always.  We search for that spot light unknowingly for the most part because real leaders are thrusted into leadership.  When you go to class to learn to lead, it steals apart of who you may become for the Lord because you may try another’s flicker that might be too much for you to handle.   Being that God has called you, you can take pointers, but do not try to establish another’s flavor and make it your personal format.  Trust that God has set you ablaze to shine in Him and only Him.  I love having a mentor in my life and being able to gather great pointers on how to do some things but I must have a personal connection with God if I want to be useful for the Master.  God’s flame is personal, but can be used to spark another’s interest. Be that flicker God has called you to be.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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