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Put It To Death

Romans 8:13  for if you are living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live.

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Understand something here brothers and sisters.  The Lord has not required of us more than He has sacrificed.  It is simple, if we are to walk with the Lord in Spirit, then why cant He require of His subjects commitment?  The problem we are having in our relationship with the Lord, is our issues with sinning.  For some reason we seem to think its a part of the process.  To be a sinner, we are saved.  It is not true.  We must be without sin to be saved.  You cannot continue lying and walk in truth.  Some people think it is about God taking sin from them.  They say ‘If God wants to, He can take this drug from me’, and they continue on waiting for the Lord to take something that they like to do.  He will not take from us what we like to have and desire in our lives.  He will however, warn you and I of our pending chastisment.  There is a Scripture that says, the ways of a man seems right, but the end there of is sudden destruction.  What we need to do is work on perfecting the faith we claim.  Stop the life of sin and reconnect through Christ with our Father and creator.   A change should have taken place for those who have experienced the Holy Ghost.  If you and I are walking in false confessions,  then we can understand why there has never been conversion.  A confession of sin, and. Renouncing of any further acts resembling sin, means you have acepted the Lord in your life, and desire to please Him with what is left of your existence.  We go to church to remain connected with the Lord. 

 I often say why would He be put to death for sin, and we continue in ours, if the requirements have not been set for us to follow?  It is important to reject the whispers of the enemy.  The devil keeps pushing you and I further into the dark so we cant see clear.  God sent Jesus with the light that shines all over, so we donot have to walk alone or be afraid.   He only saves ones saints. He didnt mess up in doing His perfect will.  It doesnt take several do overs to get it right.  He did it once and thats it.  Why people want Him to save daily, is a terrible thing.  If we say we love the Lord, then we should walk with righteousness and not against Him.  Turn from wicked ways and acknowledge the Lord in our lives, and He will direct our lives so that we are productive and have fruit upon our tree.  

Last thought. Bear fruit in the name of the Lord.  If you are living life your way, and not fulfilling your part of the Cross life, then you place yourself on the losing end. If I were you or anyone else, i’d give in.

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Whom The Lord Chose.

So, dear brothers and sisters, work hard to prove that you really are among those God has called and chosen. Do these things, and you will never fall away.

— 2 Peter 1:10 NLT


Dont forget who your working for brothers and sisters.  We do this for a reward and not for wages, or some long term payment plan for all of eternity.  Our service is for the Lords glory to be revealed to a dying world.  When we forget who we are serving and serve a selfish mentality, we only heep Gods anger upon us, but not just us, maybe even those who are in the shadows of life, we were supposed to help.  Remember your life matters nit just for you, but those whom you have been asigned to minister to.  God wont let those ho donot know slip away, but those who just dont want to know, might very well join the ones in the lake of the fire to die forever.  We have our work cut out for us.  The harvest is plentiful,  but there are few workers in the vineyard.  In other words, everyone has not heard,  and those who have not hesrd the message of Jesus Christ the Messiah and Savior of the world.  They must have that opportunity to choose this day whom they will serve for themselves.  You cant take time off from working the vineyard.  Your faith is not something you retire from.  You work for God until your done.  Sure, there is vacations for the flesh, but the Spirit should be willing, even when out on the town with your spouse.  Testify when ever we get the chance to do so.  We cant let anyone slip through the cracks and end up standing before the Father and do not know why.  I dont think it is possible.  Gods system is not like man, who skip unanswered doors to make a quota.  Behold, the Word says, I and my Fsther knock at your door, if any man should open that hearts door, He says; I and my Father shall enter and we will sup with him.  Just takes an opportunity for someone to hear a clear message and then make a decision to choose LIFE.  Your life is a publication, and many people you will meet on the road of life, will want to know who is on the cover of your magazine (heart).   Now, you can be a tabloid fictional story, or a true time cover page wonder.  It is your choice what you want others to percieve whn they check out of this life.

There is a reason thy place those last minute items roght by the check out counter.  Because, people buy at impulse.  They love to reach and touch and thumb through the leaflets that interest them.  This is scientific to the stores and has worked for centuries in this business of goods and sales.

I want my life to be a testimony.   I want others to gather the truth from what I have been able to share on a few pages, from a selected group of interesting facts of faith. 

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Behold The Lamb

Isaiah 7:14  Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.


Lets look into Immanuel.  God with us as our subject today.  Many do not recognize Christ any other season but in the Christ-mas.  Even though it is a holiday that many do not give to God as in a form of worship of the Son.  Many do celebrate it as a time of gift giving and family love displayed.

How ever you celebrate it, just remember that the Lord is the Lamb of God given to man by such a miraculous marvel.  People tend to see the story as a fantasy for Christians to one up the other religions, but we see the second Adam come to life in this story to correct histories greatest mistake.

Immamuel (or, Emmanuel) means God with us.  The point being made in this Holy Day season, is that the Lord is here in us all and with us all. God gave us the ultimate gift that would save the world.  The Pharoah wanted to kill the New Born child of the virgin.  So he had many children murdered under the ages of 2 years old. That age frame was becuase, he didnt hear the story until later on by his own magicians sooth sayers.  So, he could only go with what they told him of a King of the Jews, who would come and basically put him out of business.

Yes, I do know that my synopses of the accounts might seem a bit dull.  But, the accounts of our Saviors birth must have a strong message involved.  This message is, God planned to save the world through direct involvement. He came down into flesh, in the form of His own creation.  What God gave, no one else in history could place Himself into the form of His own temporary and limited shell?  The Creator.  He has shown us more than what we can gather through many of the stories through out our history as Judeo-Christian believers.  We are like Him, if He can take on our shape and walk as a man in this flesh, then we must be fashioned like the Lord.  He would not go through the trouble of saving something He may have thought was a waste of time in the first place.

Mary did you know?

Christ the Immanuel would save the world from sin and shame. This little child that was born to the world.  Wrapped in swallowed (tightly fitted like His burial clothes) materials, visiting the family in Bethlehem, but found no extra room where He could be laid to rest.  In those days there were no hotels saints, there were rooms that sat up top of the square built houses of those days.  That visiting relatives could use when coming in town for Holy Days and the season for calculations of the taxes. (of which was the purpose of Joseph and Mary’s visit).

Immanuel lives in us all.  He is the purpose we have been given the Baby Christ, the Anointed one of Israel.  It is said that many things Mary pondered in her heart.  I just think that she was remembering what the Lord told her through the Angels visit about what His plans were in regards to Yeshua – Jesus her earthly son, but God’s only begotten Son.  She had the opportunity to feel the power of the Holy One living in her womb and leeping inside for joy when the baby would meet certain people marked for Spiritual destiny.  She also got a chance to be there to see His miracles and I believe she experienced Him in the upper room through the Spirits indwelling, because she was familiar with the touch of the Holy one some 34 years prior to all of this happening, after all she was only 15 or 16.  Oh to know Emmanuel in this season of your.  If you do not know Him.  I suggest you get to know Him now.  He is already waiting to greet you in your heart.  Just open the door as wide as you can.

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When He Appeared.

Titus 3:4  But when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared


Where were you when the Lord came into your life?  What were you doing? Look back briefly and recall why you are now as dedicated to the faith you claim.  He touched your heart where everyone else just barely reached your emotion to care what they felt. God sent His Son to reach where others couldnt go, because you blocked them from harming you.  Once you block your heart from pain and shame, you almost missed being truly delivered.  That is what the issue is today with so many we know.  They have been hurt by love and left to fend for themselves by loved ones, so they developed a mentality of blocking what appeared to care for them.  Yes, even from relatives who grew up with them and showed them the care and love that only they could give for such insubordinate minds.

Mothers who covered their sons and daughter as far as they could even to the detriments of pain that they caused.  Do you not think parents can develop blockage from their own children for what a child has done over and over again.  Love is there, it is barried under the ruble of many failed attempt at reching the so called lost one.  I remember one time comi g up to my Grannies door.  I would hear her tell the Lord save my children please, and she would cry deeply.  I didnt disturb her, I just backed away acknowledging her hurt and pain for so many she had hope for.  I can only pray that she was heard and healed from the pain. As I carry the responsibility of leading a group of 14 into their future, I also have hope and I pray they stay in God, not just know about Him, but live in Him and have Him deep within ther hearts.

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His Love And Kindness.

Jeremiah 31:3  The LORD appeared to him from afar, saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.


God pulled us from a distance.  When we were a distance away.  Like a beacon on the deep sea, He drew us near to safety.  It is not good being lost or blind. Not being able to see because of the darkness.  The Lord saves the lost through His love and kindness.  It is because we are so loved that the Savior died for us all, without reservations. He didnt have a select groups He chose to save.  We all are drawn from a distance by the saving Grace and mighty everlasting love of our Father and Savior.  There is something worth it hiding in all of us.  We cant see what we are not able to look at from our position.  You have to be a far off and see what value lies within sonething that shines unaware.  Precious jems shining in the gutters of life, only Christ can polish and save and reform making something of worth that was discarded by foolishness of heart.  God loves you from so far away, but He has moved into your life now to affect great change.  He has awarded us with good favor, if we see the worth from His perspective.  Shame and sin cause us to deny our worth in God.  We cant be who we are in the gutter.  We cant shine with mockery of filth coverong the true nature of whom He has designed us to be.  It does not yet seem clear to us, but we are truly like Him.  We can creste fascinating ideas that mattr to the well being of those who use our product.  We can help someone who may be ill with cancer with the knowledge God gives us.  If we look the way of righteousness.  If we have ears that hear what saith the Lord in His Spirit that resides in us all.  His Spirit in us is a direct line.  You and I cant reach Him without this connection. You cannot call out with Data. So, it is with the Presence of the Spirit.  We cannot call upon the name of the Lord without Him making us ready to communicate with our Father who art in Heaven. 

He calls us out of darkness into the marvelous light.  He places a beacon of hope with us, so we can witness to the light we retain.  Others need saving too.  Lets be a witness to the world about Christ Jesus.  The Father does not use temporary love, He responds to Agape, Phileo, that is His way if opening commincations. You might say; why did I leave out Eros.  There is an intimacy with the presence many donot understand that God will commune with His creation on an erotic or sensual stage that is not about flesh being given something temporary.  So, I speak on what I am able to share quickly.

God drew Moses to that burning bush.  He had to be fscinated by a bushel that never completely disintegrate in the oresence of the Holy Spirit in the place if consuming fire, but not a destructive consuming fire.  Sone consumption is good for business, when some is devastating.

He will not destroy those who have surrendered their lives to His Kingdom.  Throw down your control and let the Lord of Kings be your God.  Jehovah the I am, self sufficient one.  He will not destroy the surrendered ones, the ones whose hearts have changed and moved away from filthines of sin.

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Without Fear.

Also pray for me–that when I speak, God will give me words so that I can tell the secret truth about the Good News without fear. I have the work of speaking for that Good News, and that is what I am doing now, here in prison. Pray that when I tell people the Good News, I will speak without fear as I should.

— Ephesians 6:19-20 ERV


You can not be angry because the Word is preached with out fear.  God wants His leaders to be bold in proclaiming this truth, these mysteries that He is sharing with the world through His messengers.  Christ speaks to us thtough the Holy Spirit.   He is sharing the deep things of God to those who are yielding vessels.  Those who are trained to speak according to the Spirit and not according to the format of men.  You can attend great colleges and universities to be taught the Word,  but you need the Spirit of God to go where only He can go.  We need the Spirit to speak to us on a level that is beyond just normal flesh understanding. He can upgrade our thinking and cause us to reach beyond our limitations.  If we try to do this work without the Spirit in us and showing us what to do and how, we risk ruining others lives.  The Apostle has the job of sharing this dynamic message from the Lord with all who desire Christ in their lives.  It doesnt matter that he currently is imprisoned because of the Gospel, he doesnt want the saints to think he is afraid because of what he has to deal with, he wants to make sure they know that he will still preach this message of Christ in or out of prison.

The mysteries we speak are shared with us who regularly teach and preach the good news of the Gospel, so that we do not bore the people around us, but bring excitement to them about the Word of God.  We dont have to bring entertainment to the Church, if the mysteries are shared, that come from the Word of God through constant study.  People wil be excited on just the Word alone.  The Apostle found the Lord on a toad to devastating circumstance.  He even carried that hurt through out his ministry.  Especially when he would have an opportunity to delve deeper into the secret place of the most High God.  If you and I were persecuting innocent people and then find out they are not the ones that you should be correcting with such heavy force.  How wiuld you habdle the memory of those lost souls?  You cant just move on in your life as if you didnt do anything so heinous.   God calls you to the depth, and He places those deep things in your mind that He wants you to give to those ready minds willing to receive. 

Dont be afraid to carry the responsibility of such greatness.  It is the Lords Word that will bring you joy to spread to the world. 

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If Your Fasting.

Is not this the fast that I choose:

    to loose the bonds of wickedness,
    to undo the straps of the yoke,
to let the oppressed go free,
    and to break every yoke?”

— Isaiah 58:6 ESV


What did we think? God changed the fornat, because we cannot push back on the plate for a time? Maybe, we have a problem in relationships because, we are to fast at times in our marriages, and then come together to rub salt in the enemies eyes, because we wont allow Him to destroy everything and everyone around us.

To fast, means to stop eating and drink water and maybe a slice of bread for a certain particular set of days.  But, it truely means we have to have the ability to resist our teptations to do the proper fast.  We cant eat anything for a perood of 7, 14, or, even 30, to 40 days at a time.  That is difficult for the average believer to comprehend.  So, we should never place that upon a novice in faith.  Fasting and prayer, are tools used in our arsenal to defeat the enemy.  If we dont have that ability to push the table away or even remove ourselves  from a particular place so that we are not tempted to sin, then how will we be able to resist the enemy?.  If we mess up a fasting opportunity, then we just simply start over.  Again in the upper room, they were fasting and praying for the Holy Ghost to visit with them. We need to do the work of proper fasting.  The Word tells us that the way to fast, is not to sit in a slumped position throwing ashes on our head.  We are not to walk around looking homely and starving, telling eveyone we are fasting for the Lord.  Number one, fasting is not for God.  Fasting is for us.  It show’s discipline on our part when we can take a 12 hour to 24 hour fast to stop the enemies attacks upon us.  

Prayer is the power,  fasting is the sacrifice.

We used to fast, and we got out of the habit, because we assume it is not a requirement.  Yet, the Word tells us that if we are going to do that type of sacrifice,  we must do it in service as well.  The Word tells us that fasting and praying helps us fight against demons.  It is a tool to assist is in recieving power from on high.  Fasting makes us pure to our Holy God that we may be recieved in His presence.  So, we must get back to fasting and prayer.  We miss the power of our Lord when we avoid accessing this gift from God.  We miss utilizing all that it entails when we donot operate in the guide lines of proper fasting methods.  Help the homeless, and visit the sick and widowed.  Do something with your fasting that says to God you are willing to extend your efforts to walk in true power as a result of this gift God provides.

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Mind Blowing Wind

The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.”

— John 3:8 NLT


It is bad when we cannot tell who is of the Spirit or not.  Not that the person we are trying to determine is doing something wrong,  but because we arent in the Spirit ourselves.  The Word tells us that we cannot explain how people are born of the Spirit.  There is no one method to salvation, just one Savior.  Christ can enter at the pivotal point of a mans life when he thinks he is done for.  The issue here is that, we need to know something about those who serve in the faith with us.  It is determined by the love we display towards each other.  You can tell if I am of the Spirit, but trying to determine the method of my Spiritual birth to see if it is done according to some experience of yours, is not important.  Many of us have our own experience with the Holy Ghost and at a time that is set in the plan of God.  The Disciples were told to go to the upper room to wait on the Holy Ghost to come amd endow with power.

My experience with the Holy Ghost happened in 2 stages.  When I was 16 years old during a one man concert my Grandmother had me do.  Then when I was 21 years of age on the bus in Riverside California.  So many times we try to induce the Spirit to empower people during their time of joining church or when the Spirit is highest during a service.  Pushing people down and chanting in their ears during their experience does not give them the Holy Ghost.  He comes to us when He is ready.  Actually, He already lives within us all, because the Holy Spirit is Pnuema, that is, breath, life, and Spirit.  May people come to this place in their lives when they are in the right mind and their course is set towards God.  Like Apostle Paul, who did not walk with Christ, but still met Him on the road to Damascus, when Paul was about to successfully jail and or put to death more followers of the Lord.  Your road to change happened when you were finally in the mind set that God could get in and show you His power and might.  We dont know what the man of God was thinking when he was on his travels.  God knows what was going on in the mind and God knew the proper ingredient to get to the heart of a truely faithful person.  

I need to close this subject. 

I dont mean to ramble on. It is just that, I saw this happening on many occasions to people who didnt know what they were experiencing in the process of a good service, and they are then forced it seems to have a meaningful and powerful thing happen, but, once it is over they get up tired from the yelling and just as confused about their faith in Christ.  In the Upper Room with the Disciples, including the women.  The experience was electrifying, and highly anticipated by all who entered in.  If we all are not entering in, then only those who are in the place God wants them and the time He chooses, will be endowed with power.  Then it says in Acts 2, the Spirit came upon them like cloven tongues of fire and set upon all of them that they had an experience individually coporate.  Like only God can do in one setting.  Change the lives of ordinary people.

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Know The Lord

As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind; for the LORD searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever.”

— I Chronicles 28:9 NKJV


We must not act as if we do not have a God we serve.  When we know that we do.

People do not deny God in your members.  Dont get used to doing it all by yourself, and then when it gets difficult, that is when you break down and cry out to the maker.

I dont want to play the faith I have and not be sincere with God.  I hate sin and all that comes with it.  I am not comfortable just covering things up, because it eats at good conscience.  So, we confess and give ourselves over to the Mercies of God each day.  So, that guit wont force us in a corner where we can hide and keep it alive.   Only those who are efficient at doing their jobs will understand this. When you go to do a task at work, you have someone double check your work to make sure it is done righ.  The Spirit comes along to double check our efforts, making sure we stand on the right principle’s that have been set in motion by the Lord God.  There is no excuse we can give the Lord in judgement.  Once we exit this body, family, we must answer for what was done in it.  Grace for a time, not for eternity.  Grace has nothing to do with your Eternal Life.  Faith walks you in that door with us along with obedience.  Grace gives us time to get in place.  I wont repeat that blog.  God grants King Solomon one thing.  He could have asked for anything, but Solomon asked for wisdom.  Wisdom is a strong component of Gods make up.  God is wisdom.  God is consistently in thought all ways.  He does not stop.  Where men must stop and sleep, God proceeds.  Solomon asked for what he could not contain.  You see him fall apart at the end of his life.  He was so smart, he could not for the life of him, get past vain and useless banterings within himself.  Highly intelligent, but terribly critical of every intention of God and man.  Only God can interpret our intentions from our thoughts.  It is impossible to assume what another will do with free will and choice, but the Lord can determine our goings and coming from our thoughts.

He wants us to come clean and do not get into this false bravado this world has laid claim to. This D.I.Y. mentality.  There is a clause for those who donot wish to go all the way with faith.  He says; your choice is in your hands.  Choose whether or not you want to finish your life out in Christ or you can walk away with control in your own hands.  Dont forsake the Lords favor for a temporary thrill.  Come to Jesus and live.  Know the Lord for yourself, in the pardoning of your sins.  He will be faithful and just to forgive us, and return us to the full status as sons of God.

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Renounce Ungodliness

For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age, waiting for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

— Titus 2:11-13 ESV


So, because we have the Grace of the Lord that now has brought all people salvation.  It doesn’t give us the right to take it for granted as many do.  Grace is but for a time, it is not for ever, there is still the responsibility of those who come to Christ to LIVE the way He has trained us through this Grace period.

So, for those who add terminology to Sctipture that is not there.  Like the word legalism, of which the Scriptures term is RELIGIOUS.   We still have to do something to recieve the forgiveness of God.  You are shaking your head no, but we do have to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, and RENOUNCE our life as a sinner, so Grace has not been wasted on us.  Grace and Mercy is for all of us.  Yet, Mercy is especially applied to us who are saved, because of what we now know of God, that excuses no longer cover sinfilled actions that we tried to apply to Grace that already gave us Salvation.  Understand it in this fashion.    If you recieved a bill in the mail for a past due notice.  Two things will happen in reaction to your respose from that one letter giving you grace to get the payment in.  Now if you do not pay it within the allowed time, they are on the way at a specific time to either collect in person or take from you what you owe.  Your sin, is not paying, after the period of grace allowed.  That is what gives the collector the right to come out and physically take from you what you owe.  With Christ there is nothing you owe, but what He paid for is your loyalty and all He is looking for from you and I is that we change from being wicked in our deeds.  Mercy can happen in the world. Thats when a collector says it is to cold to shut you off and give you more time even though he/she may not be allowed to do so.  They might go somewhere and waste time to give you a little mercy (compassion).  Because they understand what the company doesnt care about.

So, for those trying to apply mens terminology to Gods logic and Commands, know that we all must come to Christ willing to change and match up to the standard set in motion by the Law that Christ fulfilled but had not done away with.  He covered us in Him which makes us able to fulfill the necessary requirements of Gods order.  Legalism is the letter, and the letter is the Law, the Law is Gods Word.  So, do we stop doing the Word for fear of missing the mark, because we cannot remeber the Law? No, we follow the rules by following Christ.  From there we will meet Gods standards and His Law.

(note: this is the opinion of the author. It is not a one man interpretation.)