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Times & Dates

“It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.”

Acts 1:7 NIV

It is funny to me how many people want to know the future and the events that will happen before they die.  The question is, do we think knowing any of that beforehand will give us any advantage? I do not think we will do any better knowing the outcome of every event that could possibly happen in our lives.  We would still make a mistake or some wrong decision down the line that we would regret anyway.  So having the information beforehand only torments us and causes us to be more afraid of what’s around the corner. If I knew when I would die, I would not go around giving everything away, only because it would be false.  It would only be because of the news of my pending death that I decided to be so generous at the end of my life.  Not knowing is better for me because when I do go to do something good, I put my heart into it.  Why do we have to have control of every aspect of our lives?  I mean, yes, we should be in control of the things we can manage, but we have no control over when we grow old or how much hair we retain in our old age.  God knows these intricate details about our existence and His plans are good towards you.  He plans good health and prosperity as long as you and I remain faithful to the Kingdom.  Even the Son of God does not know when the Father has planned the closing curtain on man’s existence.  He controls the time that we must remain locked in.  I don’t like it when we try to control the impossible.  We celebrate daylight savings as if we really control when the sun comes up.  The issue is that we run nothing outside our own personal existence.   People who have convinced us to save time has only played tricks with our minds.  They have told us that we have control over the time by making us turn clocks on a dial and that’s it.  It is all up to your mechanical invention to remind you of the lie that men have convinced us is true.  The sun comes up in the sky at the appropriate time that God has set from its inception into our eco system.  We do not have the power to know more than the Lord is willing to give us.  Prophets and astronomers only have so much info allowed to them by God to release to those who are completely unaware of the Spiritual motion God has set.  Remember prophets only know in parts.  They do not have the power to give it all out. God makes sure we get what we need when we need it and nothing more.  It is all about the time God has set.  Regardless, we must be ready for His return when the great trumpet sounds.  Where will you be?





Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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