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The Everlasting God

Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
The everlasting God, the LORD,
The Creator of the ends of the earth,
Neither faints nor is weary.
His understanding is unsearchable.

— Isaiah 40:28 NKJV
——————————————————————–The Everlasting God. His thoughts are unsearchable. It is not hard to figure out that we are limited in our complete understanding of the Lord Creators plans until He is willing to reveal to us all.

I suppose I’m asking us what are we thinking, when we assume we know and understand the complexities of the universe from our lowly perspective.

God is the Creator of all living things know and unknown.  It is that simple.  There is no complications in clearly understanding our role in the existence we have.

We just need to make sure we respond to the Lord God as Creator of life in itself.  The one who turned the light on within us all, and have filled us with His sustaining force through the Spirit.

If we are truly servants, then we donot question His work, we just come in and do what is expected of the created.  We bow and set ourselves in alliance to the maker of Heaven and of Earth.  We donot confuse ourselves with those who are just a little bit higher then we are.  No angel who truly serves the Kingdom of God wants to take the Glory that belongs to Him.

The Angels serve Him willingly, the Earth serves Him willingly, and men should acknowledge His majesty and serve Him from their hearts.

So if we truly know Him and the power that is in Him, we donot have an issue with His plans for His world that He created.  We are Ok with where He wants us to go, because the Lord has settled our account with Him through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

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Selfish Ambitions

For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

— James 3:16 N.I.V

I don’t want to be a selfish person at all in my faith.  In fact, I do not see myself as a person who is selfish.  I am  very aware of my inner ambitions,and i must watch myself as I work with others in our community.

I can’t walk in the favor of the Lord and be one who turns his back on service that I am required by God to give.  I want to focus on pleasing the Lord in my life.  I am not working to get myself put into the Lake of Fire for all eternity.

I don’t want my will to be done over the will of the Father.  My goal is the Lord’s purpose for my life.  I am more interested making sure that I perform according to the Lord’s instruction.

When we are so ambition within ourselves, we tend to go beyond our boundaries.

We press pass the lines that are shown us in the Spirit and we end up being punished because we have walked beyond our limits.  When we go beyond the allowance of the Spirit, we get out there and He has to remove His covering for us, and that leaves us at the mercies of the enemies attack.

Ambitions must be Spirit led, and not flesh led.  We cannot see the finished  with the eyes of flesh, but of the Spirit, so that we can be right where the Lord expects us to be once life has come to its particular close.

Men have moved into their own views for the future.  This is why we have the troubles we have, because men are self ambitious, men are turned against the Lord through those selfish motives.

Lord if you can show us how to come back to the place that you have set us, we can live out our lives more righteously through the Son of God.  Our Lord Jesus ambitions are set to to the Fathers Word, just as ours should be each and every day.

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He is the one.

I myself am the LORD, and there is no other Savior. I am the one who spoke to you, saved you, and told you those things.

— Isaiah 43:11-12 ERV

It is the Lord who has done all that you and I have needed through out our whole lives. There is none other we can trust in. It is the Lord who has been in our corner, the Lord who knew how we were under the stress of life and sent us a comforter in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Many assume that they are their own deliverer’s. When the Lord has shown them the way to freedom, and redemption from the bonds of the world who has trapped us.

He has given you the direction. It is not your way that you choose to go in that the Lord supports. His way, or no way.

He has chosen you, you and I have not chosen God. We have not the power to set our maker in place and then just call Him God. We believe He is the Creator of all life as we understand it, even though I know there is more to the power of the Lord then just making man and giving us a place to exist in time.

There is more to the power of the Lord’s Plans than we can dare to dream.

I imagine so much more than what we have limited within our minds.

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I Will Do Anything.

My God, I am happy to do whatever you want.
I never stop thinking about your teachings.”

— Psalm 40:8 ERV

What the Lord needs from me in this life, I am willing to do.

If there is anything.

You want my hands to do…

If there is anything, you want my feet to do…

Then, Lord. Lord, I am willing.

Willing to do, anything you say.

Willing to watch, fight, or pray. Oh, yeah… Oh yeah.

This is a song we used to sing when I was a little boy.

What are you willing to do for the Lord your God?

If He wants you to lead a group of people into righteousness, the question is, are you truly into His plan for your life, and will you do it as He ordered?

People who think they know what should be done and how everyone must be controlled. They end up going outside the Law of allowance and cause greater hardache for everyone. All because they did it their way and not the Lord’s way.

Are your hands His hands? Can the Lord tell you no? Do you insist on having your way, and if you don’t get it that way. Do you pout and go into temper tantrums with everyone around you?

There are some people who have been spoiled with the word yes. Even when it is not a complete yes, they hear maybe as an OK, or the shrug of should as permission to proceed.

When God is the controlling force, there is no going your way and skipping His process. We learn that from Scripture examples of many who tried to do it their way and ultimately failed, causing disaster for others because they delayed carrying out the expressed order of the Lord God and King.

Doing it our way is the result of selfishness that has risen to the top of a man’s heart and mind. Famous men and women have taken control of their own fate, and have demanded that they are successful the way they currently are. When in fact they have utterly failed in taking their lives into their own hands. We did it our way and our way gets us punished in the end. Let’s attempt to do things as the Lord commands, and let us see how much more better off we find ourselves when we are finished.

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They Didn’t Notice

Matthew 24:39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away: so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


Have you noticed in this day and age what the Spirit is doing with the people of our day?

Those who kept going on with their program and didn’t take notice of the rising flood in the day of Noah, didn’t seem to grasp the impending doom that they had put themselves in with the Creator.

Today’s people have this act of ignoring the right to accept the wrong with an expectation of punishment to come. They don’t see that the Lord is not pleased with the way we have grown accustomed to allowances and tolerate nonsense that should be checked through Scripture.

Now the Word of God is avoided and denied before men even in the churches of our day, just to preach inclusivity and the message of looking beyond the sinfulness of men. We want love without having to change or correct ourselves of anything that is Old standards.

We are wrong when we tell people they cannot live in blatant sinful state. Having sexual partners in multiple places and they do not see that it is wrong, because they think they have control over the consequences that was put in place to help correct the wrong doing of wayward flesh. Disease no longer causes people to fear because they have learned to live beyond the sin. They have dealt with it in their honesty and have not died under the weight of the responsibility of their conduct.

Noah could only tell them it was coming and warn them that it would not be easy.

You who are in the righteous mindset God would have, must tell the truth no matter how difficult it is for you personally, and no matter who it is that has to sit in the chair of correction at the time of the message God has given to you. Loved ones are more God’s children then your relatives.

You can’t make people comfortable, only the Holy Spirit brings comfort, and that comfort is the Holy Ghost who comes to remind us of how we are all required by the Law of the Word of God to present ourselves.

None will get away with doing wrong, no not one of us. We all are subject to messing up in our walk. The best thing is to be transparent so that God won’t have to shoot justice right through our chest and expose us to those we are designed to encourage in our lives.

People need to understand that it is not easy to maintain a smile under duress. Under the pressure of family issues and personal struggles. We all want to win this Eternal Life made available through the Lord Jesus by example. Honesty is the key to revelation of self improvements.

Honestly there is a coming of Justice that many of us are not even trying to prepare for. The Earth is responding, the elements are responding, but men have not tried to come to a clear conscience with the Spirit of Truth.

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Stop, Just Stop.

But Jesus said, “Stop complaining to each other.”

— John 6:43 ERV
We are so calculating. We determine how many times someone has crossed us by our own Guesstimate, but we fail to see how many times we cross over the boundaries the Lord marked clearly.

Jesus said stop complaining. He is not asking us to please consider His suggestion. This is a command from the Lord to those who are His servants. Stop doing what those who are hopeless does. They get on the road to the promised Land, and all you here is complaints, and murmurings.

The children of God should not be complaining in the faith. We should trust God’s direction for our lives. He knows where He has ordered your steps to go.

Did you know that your complaint can bring another person’s Spirit down? Just as our testimonies encourage each other to press on, our murmurings can cause derailment of another persons ambition to keep on going. It is not good to complain to those who can’t handle your issues. You might actually have the stamina to get back up after a troubled situation occurs in your life. You could probably move onward after divorce, where as another can’t get over the hurdle of your complaint, because they might have placed a great deal of reliance upon your ability to encourage them with your walk.

We must be careful who we share our most heaviest of circumstances with, because not all people have the ability to let slide off of their minds and heart the thoughts of another’s conditions.

You couldn’t be a good counselor if you allow everything you hear to stick to you. You would not be able to minister to multiple people with multitudes of issues, if you stopped and focused upon each person’s condition to see how you can do the miraculous, when that is the Lord’s doing.

Just stop complaining altogether, because, not everyone can recover from your loss, from your downfall. Not everyone can get back up under the load of the stress you have grown accustomed to. Don’t leave that heavy weight on the hearts of the weak.

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I Will Do Anything.

My God, I am happy to do whatever you want.
I never stop thinking about your teachings.”

— Psalm 40:8 ERV

What the Lord needs from me in this life, I am willing to do.

If there is anything.

You want my hands to do…

If there is anything, you want my feet to do…

Then, Lord. Lord, I am willing.

Willing to do, anything you say.

Willing to watch, fight, or pray. Oh, yeah… Oh yeah.

This is a song we used to sing when I was a little boy.

What are you willing to do for the Lord your God?

If He wants you to lead a group of people into righteousness, the question is are you truly into His plan for your life?

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Controlled Thoughts

Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life.

Proverbs 4:23 ERV
Where does everything begin for mankind. In our minds. Our thoughts must be controlled, even more than our acts.
If we act it out before we have thought on it, our minds are then out of control. That’s when you can claim a status of crazy or bi-polar if then legally, because your mind has seemingly locked you out from accessing your normal self.

Lots of people are what they have diagnosed as a behavioral problem. schizophrenic, or maybe more so they have issues with concentration, a mild behavioral disorder dealing with attention span.

Either way we must not lean to our own understanding especially when what we have processed as thought comes out against the Biblical principals that the Lord have established over the centuries.

Our disposition may be due to the thoughts we harbor on everyday. How a man thinks coincides with what He speaks out of his mouth about any given subject.

If you think little of your situations and circumstances to the point of denial and self imploding. These thoughts are not God’s towards you and I.

God says He knows His own thoughts towards man, to give him everything that he may need and want that is in the reasoning of God’s perfect will.

Keep your minds stayed upon the Bible principals and you won’t go down the paths of destruction.

Let the Word of the Lord for your life, lead you to green pastures and Brooks, or Meadows, that you might bring from the provision of God’s greatness.

Stand only on the love God has given you, not on the stuff He has provided, those things to will pass onward.

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Not True Fasting

4. Your fasting ends in quarreling and strife, and in striking each other with wicked fists. You cannot fast as you do today, and expect your voice to be heard on high.

Isa 5. 4


What kind of fasting is it that we do today, if it is not according the Word of the Lord.

We haven’t truly done our fasts right within our generation.  There are still widows, orphans, and poor who have not been served.

Fasting is doing something that changes another persons life.  That assist them in picking up the pieces of their shattered lives.  The rich could always change our lives by giving us all their goods, but that would not really be what the Lord expects.  God wants is to never have to ask men anything, but to also be available to give a hand to our fellow man when we see them in need.  Mostly before they even have to ask us.

If we are using the proper tools given to us through the Holy Spirit to discern our brothers needs before they even have to ask.

Fasting is putting away things that we have an overindulged desire for, and sacrificing to the point where it will hurt a bit, but it is good for us in the long run.

God doesn’t want is to suffer, but He does want us to sacrifice.  If He made Abraham take his only son to the mountain to kill Him, why do you and I think the Lord doesn’t want that same sold out mentality for the rest of us.  What makes you and I much better than Father Abraham?

Fasting means to afflict one’s self, ones soul to the point of breaking down and becoming dependent upon the power of Christ who is greater then us all.  He who surrendered His throne and Crown for a sinfilled world.

If you and I truly desire to be like Christ, it is time to dig into ones own soul and afflict ourselves that the Father may be pleased.

If we are wanting an easy Salvation at the cost of another, then I can’t see how it will work with us in our future.  If we avoid hardship and struggles.  In those attributes are learning and strength.

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Finger Pointer’s At Me.

10 So that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ.

Phil. 1. 10


So that people do not have their fingers pointing your direction, you might want to make sure your walk is clean. Make sure that you can’t be blamed. Not like those times when you did share the secret info, but said it wasn’t you who told the story.

I would also hate to miss Eternal Life, because I cannot get my gossiping under control.

That’s actually what BackBiting is called according to Scripture. Tail bearing as well. I don’t want the last input of the Holy Pen writing in the books of the works of men, to record my last action of betrayal.

There are may’s in this Scripture. That tells me we could mess our good walk at anytime during transference from death to life in God through Christ.

We may choose any action we think is necessary, but we need to comprehend that what takes place after the action is complete needs to Glorify the Savior and not ourselves.

If they point at you in judgement, just know there will be an investigation of your life through and through.

I want to come out of this clean, but I thank the Lord for the Blood that washes us clean. Christ knows we cannot be clean by ourselves. We can’t be right without the Law giver in our hearts. Reminding us how we are to carry ourselves before the presence of the Creator and King.

Christ is the example of Holy living. He accomplished what men often assume is very hard to do. He was able to be ye perfect and Holy and blameless before men, and His Father. We have an excuse right now as we read this blog, as to the reasoning behind our imperfect character flaws. We don’t have a need to be perfect or holy, because we have concluded that this God and His Son are nothing but a fictional story. There is no validity in any if the information we have received over the centuries. Even with concrete evidence that has cast a shadow over the doubters.

We believe this truth is without error. Men cannot fathom the complete history that have been laid before the minds of strong willed men, who had no other choice but to concede and accept this truth. Jesus is Lord of all, and the Son of God who was slain for the sins of the world. The requirement is only to believe on Him and receive Eternal Life.