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Who Are You With?

Prov 24:1. Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them.


Don’t let those who are not believers in Christ, cause you to be moved.

The world wants us to loose our place and our character. You know how people look at you and say that your not any better just because your a Christian.

People do not like it when you are achieving greatness. They just find reasons to deny you the right to be good and clean before the Lord.

Don’t let your mind slip and cause you to join this world and their frame of mind. Again I say why help the devil kill, steal and destroy?

Don’t be jealous because they get the latest gear, or vehicle’s. Know that the Lord has set you in a place to not only get your stuff when it is truly time, but even the wealth of the wicked that is just laying there after the wicked ones have dropped it in fear.

God is the protector for you and me, we don’t have to fear or be afraid of the terrors that come by night or day.

He will protect you from all danger. Put your trust in the Lord maker of Heaven and Earth.

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With God’s Help.

Hebrews 13:6 so that we confidently say, “THE LORD IS MY HELPER, I WILL NOT BE AFRAID. WHAT WILL MAN DO TO ME?”


With assurance, we can be confident that the Lord our Creator and King, is on our side.

Let me be blunt. He is on the side of those who are in His will, not those who question His motives. If our faith is in the Lord, then His will He will see us through every heart ache and pain.

There is nothing to hard for Him. Don’t give up on trusting the Lord. Depend upon His Word to fulfill your every need. He will not forsake you and leave you sitting on the curb of life as men do.

What can a man do to you, when God is out there running the show? Men can attempt to harm your mind, and body, but they cannot touch your friends, that is your sourish realm. Men are haters of good things that come out way.

They long to have what you and Inhale been given, so they will work evil against you each day while they smile in your face and talk about you behind your back.

I still say, what can men do to you? If God be for us, then everything in this world will have to come correct in the sight of Him who made it all.

Don’t shake your head at the foolishness men are doing, but lift your head up and pray earnestly for the lost soldiers of the faith. Pray for the fatherless and those who are widows and the little children who are put there along it on their own.

God will author a better plan each day that it looks like it is gone bad, it is in His perfect will to bless your soul.

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Our Faith Overcomes.

King James 2000 Bible
For whoever is born of God overcomes the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.

1 Jn. 5:4


Your faith will cause you to overcome this world’s issues and the conditions that surround us daily.

If we are born if God, that is born again in the Spirit, we can endure as good soldiers. Not allowing the world to infiltrate what we truly believe and cause us to back away from what is right by the Word of God.

It is faith through Christ that empowers us who believe. We don’t trust ourselves, but we rely on the true and living God to give us the direction we must go into, even when we deal with humanity and all of its hangups.

A soldier treks on, regardless the terrain he or she must face, they keep on going forward and don’t stop until they advance the company they support.

We need soldiers who can endure the different onslaughts of attacks that come upon the Body of Faith. Those who are not easily moved. If we could stand as strong and hard as those men who serve the Queen in Great Britain and be unmovable no matter who tries to push us to react.

Overcome the world by faith in Christ Jesus. Don’t trust the many thoughts that come with minds of people who doubt the Creators existence. They can not understand what the Lords plans are and will not put themselves in the mindset of servitude to the righteousness we adhere to as we walk circumspect before our King and Lord.

Let your faith show you off. If you believe, then you shall receive the crown He promised you. A life in service to the King is rewarded. A life in opposition to Him is what it is….

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What The Spirit Is Willing

Watch you and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.

Mark 14 38


We would be so much better in life, if we let the Spirit take over for the remainder of our trip on Earth.

We are busy bees running around stinging one another and stealing the sweetness about our nature, which leaves us dormant and lifeless with out understanding as to why things take place in our lives that are not always better for us.

That is because we jump the gun and run off with a plan that is half baked, like so many of our situations we end up on the receiving end of injustice.

We are to always be cautious for nothing, less we become a lost sheep wondering to and from, without a place to claim as our home.

We need to be in the right mind so that when the enemy comes to test our reserves of faith, he won’t find us empty and desolate. If we are an empty vessel, then we leave space for the enemy to occupy. When he comes to live in us, we are used and left after there is no more energy in us or excitement in our sins.

Because, we all get tire one way or another of doing wrong, that is the balance of life where the Spirit had an opportunity to reach us, at our most ashamed moments, that is when we meet the Savior and He gives us hope, He pays our ransom and gives us new life.

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His Completed Word

JPS Tanakh 1917

Isa. 55:11
So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: It shall not return unto Me void, Except it accomplish that which I please, And make the thing whereto I sent it prosper.


God has not ever lied to you on anything He promised you. If you heard from Him and it did not carry out according to what you heard Him say directly to you. Then it wasn’t what He said, but what you thought He spoke unto you that was not true.

God can not lie and He is not man that He needs to repent for what He has said, because His Words have weight and complete it’s task.

Men lie to you everyday and let’s be honest, we even lie to ourselves, but the Word of God has never lied to you are me. If He sent a Word in your favor, then you know there must be a criteria that you must meet before the Word is performed properly in your walk.

God’s Word bring prosperity and growth to those who adhere to the specifications of that Word He has spoken unto you.

The Word is planted within your ground and begins to grow into a mature fruit that you can pick and begin to receive the nourishment that comes through the rightly spoken Word in your life.

The scripture before says it rains and snows and those waters are coming to replenish the earth and accomplishes what they must for the harvest that comes there after. God’s Word is more better and has lasting affect upon the soul existence of men that they can live for all eternity.

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Your true friends.

24There are “friends” who destroy each other,

but a real friend sticks closer than a brother

Proverbs. 18:24


Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry? How could a friend be so heartless and selfish, or cold blooded towards another person, is beyond my comprehension.

If the Lord has truly as cute as some of us Christians are in our journey, we would not have received the salvation of God ourselves.

In just thank the Good Lord that He can decipher the difference between loyalty and faker from those who says they are His children.

The crazy thing is, we all seem to think we are the true believers in Christ that the Bible speaks of.

Yet, this Scripture is talking about true friends and those who throw you under the bus, and you know they do. Honesty is received better from someone who loves you and has been a friend to you everytime you dealt with them, good and bad. Not this twisted love through people who only are your friend for constant gossip to take back and forth to the real friend that those sidewinder and backstabbers truly respect and honor.

True friends are not there to see you fall. They are there to pick you back up again and again if necessary. Christ is this kind of true natured friend, even though He is not currently in the flesh to sit in the same room with you. His Spirit is powerful enough to fill the room with His mighty presence and you don’t have to feel alone, or abandoned by anyone.

There are people who just have no other better thing to do in their lives, then to start mess and watch you and I squirm our way out of it, because they need to feed off of our troubles to make themselves Deena’s of what they are dealing with is small compared to your situation.

Yes, there are people who come around to hear your complaint so they can carry and babe it to the next person on their gossip list. Some have prayer lists and others have gossip lists that are written on the back of their prayer list, which might have the same names as on the front. Lol.

There are those who start the mess, and take your words to and from place to place to spread the germs among those you might even know.

Falling out happen because someone you trusted carried your problem to someone else and the person you think it is, had nothing to do with the spread of the disease in your life.

There are rumor carriers, tail barriers the Lords Words calls them. In other words they spread gossip and lies, it they even tell portions of fact, which should have been kept confidential, but they were not the ones you needed to share that portion of your story with.

They weren’t designed to be your counselor, Jesus has a select group you can go to through Him. That is the right direction, everyone is not called to bare yeah up the burdens of the saints. You can tell by the mess it causes in the Body of Faith.

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Our Plans, or His?

1We can make our own plans,

but the LORD gives the right answer

Proverbs. 16:1


What are your plans if things don’t work out any longer?

Will you go back to the drawing board and pull out your notes and study the patterns of successful movement that God has given you before? Or, will you just sit down and wait for something to hit you in the head, via accidental enlightenment?

This Scripture is about us asking the Lord God for the directions that we should take, and the fortitude to not be afraid when He tells you to step out of the boat that keeps you comfortable and safe.

He will not put more on you than you can’t stand to deal with, but that Scripture doesn’t say that He will not put anything on you and that’s it.

The Word in that context is sharing with us that God will expect us to be strong enough to withstand some type of pressure and hold up the Blood Stained Banner during the battle.

It is not the same as going on the side lines and waving a cheer to the loosing team, which happens to be your troops. That occurs because we all try to avoid being stretched by the Spirit.

Faith requires a stretch before you can fully utilize all of its benefits. Many try to move mountains, but have not moved an ant hill first.

Work on your any hill, before you try to use power that you have no business wielding.

Young David couldn’t use Kings Saul’s sword and shield, he had to use the tools that he was familiar with, that he was an expert in to defeat the giant that came up against him.

When it is our plans, that is why they fail. When it is God’s plan, it teaches us and we learn something more before we are through.

You can’t test God’s knowledge. He is a genius in getting you acquitted from judgment. The cheat code to life and to love and righteousness.

Let’s do something about getting more of this rightness upon our lives, so we don’t miss the Trumpet sound that saves us.

God has the answer. Make that you plan.

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My Portion of Strength

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

When you have run out of strength tonight this fight of faith, God is the reserve that is hidden within you to give you and I a boost to press on.

Pace yourself and you won’t give up on what you believe. Set your heart on higher things and not just these temporary items that give energy for a short walk and then you turn around and head back as if you really worked out.

If we want our faith to grow so that we don’t become worry and worn out from so much that goes on around us, we have to put a limit in our fleshes exposure to its own pleasures.

Sure we can enjoy a movie or two and hang out with our friends, and family, but once the Spirit gives you that nudge that you have over stayed his welcome in a place that gets out of control, remove yourself. Say your good byes and be on your way.

God doesn’t want you to be bored to death with your walk, He wants you to be an example of Godly talk and Holy living.

Turn your hardship into relationship and stay leveled before the Lord, so that He might use you in service to the Kingdom.

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Me Too.

King James Bible
Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ

1 cor. 11 :1


Paul says, I won’t sell you a bag of useless goods if your following the Christ in him. Only deal with those you see Christ in. Not those who are just being humanly honest, and putting error in front if faith. Follow those who have sinned and no longer practice doing those deeds before God and men. Yes, we all have sinned and yes, we have issues that must be worked on before we see the Lord in His return, but we are not telling to u no need thing and doing another.

Do not preach and live less a life your preaching about. Now, that one hit your boy directly in the head. We cannot be one way but walk another way as if we are not people of light.

The Word digs deep, and searches the refined parts of our soul. That we might be in shape to run this race that has been given.

Follow those who speak the truth according to love and meekness. Not those who are preachy and hateful undertones exude from their lips. They speak down to your circumstance and wonder why it is that you haven’t gotten that simple thing yet. We all have been given a plan from the Masters book to follow and no other should we listen to. The Spirit leads us to all Righteousness.

Paul persecuted the believers in the very beginning of the Church, but once his eyes were enlightened by the Holy Spirit, he turned against the event and joined on our side. So, if you and I are on the Lord side, then we don’t do things that lead others to damnation.

We are not trying to manipulate believers into the faith, but by example shall we show them how we live by faith regardless of our personal struggles and anxieties. We wait upon the goodness of God to carry us through. Once you have learned to trust in God, through it all you go with joy wrapped around your heart.

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The Power Source.

King James Bible
And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

My 28 18


Who has all the power in your relationship? Is it you, or someone else? I pray that it is the Lord for sure. If Christ doesn’t have power in your life, then that might be a problem for you when you face opposition of the enemy.

Christ needs to drive the ship in your lives, miss lady Grace of Anointed House of Glory preached on Sunday, about the ships that we need to get in order, tip top shape and fully manned.




And so on.

There are so many ships in our harbor that we damaged from years of exposure to foolish attacks from pirates that have boarded our lives and have shipwrecked our hearts.

We cannot take the power and authority from the King of Kings and let the devil have permissions to enter and go as he pleases, but we limit the motion of the Savior in our midst because He has requirements that we should adhere to expressly.

If you and I really need and advocate to be the go between us and the Father in judgement. We do not need to push Him aside and try to defend ourselves. We don’t know the fullness of God’s Law as we should. We need His help to make sure we don’t get a sentence of judgement against us into the Lake of the Pit of Fire and Damnation. I don’t want to die for all eternity. I long to live.

Why not live in Christ and be done with this whole life expectancy thing. This earthly desire trip that leaves us without and even more desperate and longing for more.

King Solomon said it, it vanity, all of this is emptiness and has no real value in the end. I just will not turn from the solid foundation of truth in the Lord Jesus and let anything go on because I now believe that what I know has proved to be something I am unaware of when it comes to my Creator God and King.

I am not turning against the Savior in no way at all. I want to live. The one who can cause that to be true and lasting is the Son of the Living God. Jesus Christ is the right person for my life and I will pursue Righteousness all of my days, and I won’t turn back now.