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Live Worthy of God.

We pleaded with you, encouraged you, and urged you to live your lives in a way that God would consider worthy. For he called you to share in his Kingdom and glory.

— 1 Thessalonians 2:12 NLT

How are you supposed to share in the Kingdom and Glory of God, if you don’t live your life according to His will?

Many people seem to think they are God’s favorite, and they don’t live their lives according to His Word.  It is amazing to me that we can get comfortable with claiming a victorious life, and we don’t have to do right.

You want royalty status, on a beggars mentality.  It is wrong to want the best life, and live outside the boundaries of the Kingdom that you say you serve.  

Those people are the type that take the Grace of God for granted on purpose.  They refuse to be told how to live their lives.  Spoiled brats want the prestige that comes with being known, and they squander the riches that they haven’t earned.  It is because of mom or dad that they have this wealth.  They donor work hard for what they spend.  

We cannot live our lives like that before the Lord.  We might not be able to buy Grace and Mercy, but we sure can maintain its worth in our appreciation to the Lord for supplying our needs.

It is our job as leaders in the Body of faith to remind you how to live.  To urge you to trust and depend upon the Lord God.  He supplies you and I worth everything we have need of in our daily life.

Ask yourself, are you living life as God expects you to?  Would He be proud of your daily accomplishments?  If He is pleased with you, then you don’t have anything to worry about.  If you could improve your life, are you working on it?

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Favor With God.

Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation is thy people.

Ex. 33:13

Father, we long for you continues favor upon our lives.  We seek you in the midst of our circumstance.  How to please you in our lives and not walk in the pleasures of flesh.

The Apostle Paul has  concern for those he works with in ministry.  He wants then to walk in the full measure of their faith that they believe in.

The Grace cannot be earned, it is the gift of God towards man.  We must take the time to know His statutes and put them to action in our lives.  Grace is but for a time, and once that time limit has been reached, there will be no more extensions applied to man.

The author is asking for the Grace God gives to those who know Him and have found this favor of God.  Those who live a life in service to the King almighty.    The Grace of God cannot be handled by those who do not know why Grace is applied to man.  Many take advantage if Grace periods that have been given, to extend their time to pay a debt.  This debt that man owes the Father cannot be set aside.  The answer to the Grace that we have been given is to serve the Lord with gladness for the rest of our time.

When men give Grace periods they do it because it is what makes them look good to extend a person a specific time to get something done. We live our lives under the Grace period of men, not realizing we have been given just as much from God and more.  

We can’t take advantage of who God is, He will not be mocked by men.  Men should get to know the Lord through His Word, and because He extends Grace to us all.  God is not willing that every man be punished to death, but that we all come to the knowledge of the truth.

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In Any Situation.

12I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.

Phil. 4:12

Can you struggle?  Do you have the ability to live a content life off of nothing?  Many of us would say yes, because of our struggles now, but if we have the ability to read this little blog note, then we are not as bad off as we think.  If you and I can go once a month to a restaurant and eat and pay the bill, we are not as bad off as we think.

We must learn how to humble ourselves and live modestly before the Lord.  Just because we have the option, we should never show boat what the Lord has given us, because, to whom much is given, much is required.  There is also the Scripture about those who have much will be taken because we misuse our abilities and never give God glory for what He has Made available to us.

When we are in the middle of our struggles, we tend to be self centered.  We work hard at making sure that we have all our essential needs and we do not tend to think of others and what they do not have.

I seem to recall as a boy growing up seeing my Grandmother help others even when we didn’t have enough to eat for ourselves and sure would extend herself to give to those who had less then we did.

There is always a place in time when you have to put yourself on the back burner, because someone else is a little bit lower on the totem pole of life.  When you extend yourself beyond what your able and you live from the residual, God sees it and it is counted for righteousness.

It is important to our Spiritual growth, that we learn how to get by with what we need and not what we desire.  We have to move away from fantasy faith living.  People believing God for fancy stuff over useful items that help win this war.

We loose to the eyes and freshly desires, when we are focused on our personal wants and not what God has supplied for us. In the field of Spiritual battle the Lord has given us what is needed to pull in the harvest and to plant new seedlings that we may see growth is the Eternal promised family.

Father Abraham was given a for sure promise, and God Creator is not a man that He cannot carry out what He said.

We need to get on board now, and stop living our lives outside of the faith view.  We cannot serve two masters.  One being the Eternal Father and King.  The other being our own selfish greed.

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Who Knows?

King James 2000 Bible

Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves. jn. 6:43  

Yeshua made many decisions that took Him all over the region, and some received Him while others thought to take His life because of what He was preaching.  After all He is doing miracles and they hated Him even more.  Let someone come up to you and me and say that they are the Lord and Savior we have been waiting for over centuries.  

You would be just as sceptical as those Scribes and Pharisees.

The Lords plans are set in motion from the beginning of time.  He planned everything to a particular point in time and His Word will not return to Him void.

Many people may find themselves in a place where their lives feel good and empty, but the Word ofnthe Lord will always have a report to turn in.

These men who think that they have all the secrets there is about the Messiah, are stumped at what the Savior has said to them about being the Bread of Life sent down from Heaven.

It reminds me if the time when Israel was hungry and the Lord God provided Manna from Heaven for them to partake.  All of a sudden they get tired of what the Lord gives and complains about that.

These men are in worse condition, because they have been occupied by the enemy and they have learned how to live in captivity.   They found a way to keep their lives going even under the rule of people who did not believe.

So, when the Messiah does show up after years of Prophetic utterances.  They are full of doubt and refuse to here with ears of Righteousness.  They no longer anticipated the coming of the Messiah in their season.  Many of us complain and grow comfortable under duress of oppression.  We don’t look forward to the miraculous hand of God.  We attempt a life around our turments.  We know how far the leash allows us to go and we do not pull against it anymore.  We stay tamed by the world’s rules of engagement.  They won’t let us believe as we should.  They have infiltrated the faith with their infectious lifestyles and now the Body of Christ is tarnished.  We suffer because of what we have grown accustomed to in this life.

Modern day Pharisees and scribes who turn the truth to for our daily habits.  They make us to believe that we are not free for sure.  Because, once we have sinned in their minds we cannot be free from it.  We claim sinner status because we do not believe that Christ has fully redeemed us from the curse, and we live our lives half way in and half way out.

Who knows what His plans are and how He is wanting to carry them out?  The Spirit does. and He will reveal in due time.  If we do not faint, or pass out under the weight of doubt and fear.

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Hope and Wait.

It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD.

Lam. 3:26

Noisy and obnoxious, is not really letting your true voice be heard.  People yell as if that gets them somewhere.  When all it does is cause others to close off from you.

Be quiet, peaceful when everything is swirling over your head.  Instead of bawling fists and swinging at the air for answers.   Throw up our hands in surrebder to God perfect unexplained will.

If you don’t have the directions to get somewhere and the person riding along knows the way.  Let them tell you all the turns you have to make, because you might not know the current status of the streets.

Detours are not predicted, they are expected.

I do believe in waiting on the Lord to give me my exit strategy.  I just need to learn how not to pace the floor in expectancy of what the Lord has done already. bathe delay is not for God to catch up on His part, it is for us to learn patience perfectly.

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Committed To Trust

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

1 Tim. 6:20

We must have a foundation if faith that we stand on, so that we do not walk in false religion.

Faith and science don’t always mix, we must be careful not to allow those who only know what they see from telescopes and certain satellite pictures to be fact. We stand on principles that have foundation and proof on earth.

We have been untrusted with the secret of the Holy Spirit, who reveals to us as He sees fit.  He speaks the mysteries that we base our deepest faith on.  We can’t give up when we know there is more made available to us.

He only reveals these things to those who desire the depth it takes to go deeper.  Some people are saisfied simple and easy.  They only scratch the surface of deepness, they can not think harder than they choose to live.

As much of Him you desire to have, is as deep as you go.  There are deeper depths and higher hieghts in Christ.  Not more confusing patterns to follow, but a sold out committed life as a disciple who is willing to loose his/her life for the Words sake.

Invest everything in what you believe about Christ as The Son of God.  Give no thought of saving and soaring yourself as we fight for our Eternal existence.

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His Law is In our Heart.

I delight to do your will, O my God: yea, your law is within my heart. Ps. 40:8

Note: The Law and Commandment if the Lord are in our hearts.  We keep it by following the rules based upon the example of the Lord Jesus Christ who walked this life for us blameless and sinless.

He doesn’t excuse sin in any of us, so we should not keep on giving ourselves a free pass because we are human and reside in the flesh.  His Words say that He is the way the truth and the life, we follow His ways and that is what makes us Holy and Perfect.  Not following after the Righteous ine, we leave ourselves in the hands of the enemy.

In our delight to do the will and the Law/Commandments of the Lord.   This is where we have claim on victory in our life, because we love to fulfill the Word of God and His decrees. 

As King of all, we do Not wish to deny Him access to the place of our emotions.  We open ourselves up for the expressed will of the Master to be completed.

No more self serving attitides.  Keep the Law and keep His commandments through the direct love of the Lord our Savior.  He is the example of correct living.  We do not try to skirt around our Lord and Savior to do it our own way.  We have had enough with getting away with sinful acts and wanted to be corrected, so that we may have the right to the tree of Life in Christ.

We cannot eat from the forbidden tree of Life, if we are not fully surrendered to the Cross and Life of Jesus.

Where is your delight, your inner security to be in place when He calls?  What about your anxiousness to please the Lord with your life?

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Because, I’am is Lord.

Leviticus 11:44

‘For I am the LORD your God. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am holy. And you shall not make yourselves unclean with any of the swarming things that swarm on the earth.

Give honor into the Lord who is the Great I am, the self sufficient one.  God takes care of everything that we do not see or understand is going on around us in thisnworld and beyond.

He deserves the praise from loyal subjects who put their lives in His capable hands.  Yeshua the Son of God is our refuge and our strength.  Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understandings.  

What seems difficult tonyou and I, is simple to the Lord to complete.

If He says that you and I can be Holy, we can. If He tells you that your perfect, know that you are because He is in you.

We can only be Holy and perfect because He is our source and example.  We copy our Lords behavior and do as He would upon this earth.  The Spirit is thee example that we follow after.

Let us clean ourselves up for the service of the Lord.  We can’t keep sliding by an assuming He doesn’t see our actions.  Consecration is about fasting and praying and purposefully keeping away from things that are unseemly in the sight ofnthe Lords Law.

Many of us do not want to be responsible for keeping ourselves from such things, but we do it everyday.  Those times when we dress up in our most prestigious outfits and present ourselves in the community.  We avoid filth that can rub off on our clothes.  So, why can’t we keep our souls clean like that?

Then He says to us.  Don’t make yourselves unclean with swarming things.  It sounds like things that buzz around you like locust, and flies and etc.

Let us not be the type of people who let the buzz of gossip and lies feed our appetites.  We can’t be evil in our nature.  We are required to be righteous and Holy in God’s sight.  This is what He expects from all of His people.

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Love Isnt Happy All The Time.

Love is never happy when others do wrong, but it is always happy with the truth.

— I Corinthians 13:6

We have so much going against us all ready.  We do not need to add a false sense of security through lies or deceit.  Love is not comfortable with lies or misconduct.   Sometimes I thinker break loves heart by being selfish and insides as we are.  We can see our point of view, but we never look at the other side of the situation.

It is hard to give so much of yourself.  That is what love wants.  It wants all of your heart, not a compartment to wait to be used properly by us.  

Love hurts, but not because it causes the pain.  It hurts because people make loving one another hard.  Yeshua dies for loves sake.  He gives His life for those who do not even care to know Him.

I suppose my question would be, why?

Why do people dislike being truly loved?  It seems that we gaurd ourselves from hurt that is not coming our way.  We perceive someone is out to use us and discard our feelings as if it were trash, when many people just want love returned.  Some need hugs and kisses to prove that you love them.  I don’t need that all the time.  I just need to see your lasting commitment to what we have said we would do together without wavering.  It is not hard to love with action as well as with words.  We all need both aspects of this form of love at some major point in our lives.

The Scripture here is saying, Love also requires truth.  Trust is built in the truth.   Lies make people protect themselves from those who say they love you, because there is some type of cover up going on.  Thus cover up, makes love strain.

You want to trust someone, and you probably can count on many in your life to be there for you.  Let me say this.  Love trusts God, because God is love, and He won’t let you down.  Put all of your relationships in the good hands of the Lord and trust Him through prayer and applications when you start to feel unworthy, or alone.  Let God be your gauge on what Love really does.

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What You Sow

King James Bible

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.Galatians 6:7

What you plant will come up because your watering it to live and thrive.  Even if it is deceitful and treacherous.  Those things also have a life if you take care of it.

Don’t let discourse grow among your garden.  Plant the best seed of righteousness that you can, because you want righteousness to grow and flourish in your life.

If you sow mistrust in someone, then they will mistrust you in return.  You Sow reliance upon the Lord.  Because, God won’t let you down.

Many people try to fix others around them when they only have control over their own lives.  Don’t try to make someone be what you want them to be, let God work on those hidden parts and you wait completely upon the Lord to finish what He started.  The truth is, you do Not want people to pretend around you, do you might have to let the first batch of seed go to wast in order to give the ground a resting period.  I know that sounded strange, but we are the type who should wait for God’s leading infant given situation and not try to work things out our way.

Sow good seed, and you’ll reap.the benefits of good harvest.  Show your family love and care, and in return you should receive the benefits of that investment.  Remember you do not habe the power to fix broken hearts.  You can only do what you are able, God can fix what you cannot see.